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We are taking the questions we get in via email, social media or in working with our clients and we have created this series QUESTION OF THE WEEK!  This week we tackle the most popular question we get –at least 3 times a week for the past 3 years! So here is the FIRST in our series:

 Let us know if you have questions that we can help you with –we will get you an answer right away and who knows, it just might inspire the next QoTW!



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  • John

    Thank you so MUCH! ……….. Your posts have helped tremendously, but I do have a couple questions!

    I am NOT a Facebook person… but do have a personal FB page & recently created a “Separate” Page as “a Local Business or Place” rather than a Company or Institution or Brand or Product for my home based photography business.

    Question 1) Did I choose the right type of page? If I chose poorly, can I make that correction?

    Question 2) I created this business page WITHOUT the blessing of my personal FB page…. Yes, the most Popular Question for you again! Ok, since I try to listen, let me repeat what I understand ….. Since I have already created my business page and since it is currently published I understand that I need to:
    Open my personal page
    Like my business page
    Log out of my Personal page
    Log into my business page
    Navigate to my Likes and identify “myself” as an Admin
    Log out of my business page
    Log back into my personal page and from here – Click on the page I manage – My business and Bingo! ……….. Ok…. Tell me I listen well in class and got this right?

    But WAIT!, my new best friend, there is more…..

    Question 3) In the Admin Panel – Edit Page – Edit Settings – Basic Information tab, there are fields for:
    Name, Address, City, Postal Code and then further down Phone, Email and Website. As a point of clarification, FB insisted I enter my First and Last name, when I created the page. Secondly, FB is constantly requesting that I add a street address and my phone number, which I do NOT wish to do at this time. ….. But let me go on … Under my little square profile photo up near the top of my page, I am shown as Professional Services. Just below that, Facebook wants me to provide a Phone number, which I do not wish to do. Also, my City Location will show here and sometimes it will not, (I have not provided a street address). Sometimes my website will show, & sometimes not. But my email address … the most important thing to show – Well, it never shows! Any insights on these issues and making this consistent? I really do want my City and Email and Website to show consistently!

    And Lastly …. Yes there is an end in sight….

    Question 4) When I first built the page, FB insisted that I key in a “first and last name” and it now uses that everywhere on the page instead of my “Username”. I even have to Google “my first and last name – Facebook” to find my page. Although, Facebook was initially insistent that I have a first and last name, I understand I can change my “Name” as I have less than 200 likes. But If I do change my username, is there anywhere I can keep my “real first and last name” to help people find me?

    Again, Thank you so much…. I look forward to your response and I shall continue to read/watch your insights into Facebook!


    • GinaSchreck

      Dear John (I’ve always wanted to write that!) Thank you for making me smile this morning! You certainly missed your calling to be a comedic writer. 🙂 You are indeed a good listener and followed all of the instructions (you were probably one of those in school who followed the instructions during those tests where you were told to read all of the instructions before doing anything, while kids like me were standing up blurting out our names making fools of ourselves!)

      Anyway, when setting up a Facebook page that IS originally attached to a personal profile, you do not have to supply your name because Facebook already has it from your profile and it will only ask for address & phone number if you choose LOACL BUSINESS because it is assuming it is a brick and mortar biz. You can change the BIZ TYPE at any time, so that really isn’t that critical. EAch set up has slightly different options available based on the type of business. Your personal name should NOT be showing ANYWHERE on a business page, except for that settings area in the top where you can switch between personal and business pages–but not seen by the public.

      Since you are photographer, do you not have a business phone number that you use for your website or biz cards. That would be the number here in case someone wants to contact you via that, so old school, method. Your address you can leave blank, but Facebook will continue to nag you for it–just ignore them. And your website link should go in the ABOUT section of the page–it typically doesn’t show on the main page of your Facebook biz page.

      The last question is the one that is baffling to me. You said that Facebook insisted on you providing your First and Last name (Again, this may be because of you not having it attached to a PERSONAL profile and they want to make sure you are a REAL PERSON and not a bot or personal setting up lots of spam pages. Is your business name YOUR name? If this is the case, you may want to make your BIZ Page John Doe Texan Photographer and your PERSONAL profile is just John Doe. (although I wouldn’t use Doe unless that is your REAL last name and that would be SO WEIRD!)

      IF you would like, either put your Facebook URL here or you can email it to me Gina@SocialKNX.com and I will pop over to see if I see anything strange in the set up as an outsider. :))

      I hope I at least clarified a few things…

      Your new best friend,


      • John

        Gina, my new best friend (you may hate that later),

        Thank you for your quick response! I have many more questions but please cut me off, six questions before invoicing me…. six prior because when one finally reaches the point of screaming “Enough! Is Enough!” the damage is already done and I am thinking six prior is a good buffer range!

        Ok, to work we go … your reply resolved major questions and I am much appreciative!

        I was in the “edit settings – NOTIFICATIONS” section and Facebook gives me two options for Notifications for my business page:
        Email Notifications and Onsite Notifications

        I am not sure where or how Onsite Notifications work….. Where do those go? Secondly and really very important is that the business page Email notifications will now go to my Personal Facebook Email Address – the ABSOLUTE LAST PLACE on Earth I want them to go!! Please tell me there is an option to change this? Can these notifications be directed to my primary business email address?? What if I create another “Administrative Manager” position using my business email address, will that work?

        Stopping short of six,


        • GinaSchreck

          HA!! John John John. You must keep the questions coming as it helps me stave off Alzheimers. How else would my brain stay SHARP AS A TACK?
          Turn off ALL email notifications! As long as you raise your right hand and promise to check in on your page daily, you will see a little red number at the top telling you someone has LIKED, commented or left a question for you to reply to. That is the ONSITE NOTIFICATION. Who needs another email? I despise getting email notifications for any social sites that I live on any way.

          :)) Bring on #7…I dare you!

  • Alma van Wyk

    Hi, I hope you can help, I have a personal facebook account. We own a small pub and I created a page for the business and it is connected to my account.
    If I want to add a birthday app for my customers it redirect me and tell me that I have to do it from my personal page. Is there a way I can add a app to my business page without going to my personal page?

    PLEASE help!!!!



    • GinaSchreck

      Hello Alma

      Unfortunately apps like the Birthday app are for personal profiles and not business pages because Facebook does not allow business pages to write on a person’s wall, however, you COULD connect with folks on your personal profile to gather such info and then give the shout outs on your business page. If you are wanting to offer specials to people on their special day, you can also try using an app like Foursquare (or do a Facebook OFFER) to keep a promo running that allows people to receive a discount or special if they show their ID proudly to the staff.

      Sadly, I don’t know of a way around this one, mostly due to privacy.All the best to you and your biz!


  • Lisa

    I had deactivated my personal facebook account. I recently opened a business page. After doing that I read that I should connect it to my personal account so I reactivated that just for this purpose. I made myself the manager of the business page. Now, do I have to log in as personal or can I just log in as business? To be honest, I’m not sure what the big deal is in making myself admin of the page. I do not want to post as myself but as my business. Hope I’m making sense. Thanks.

    • GinaSchreck

      Hi Lisa–Somehow your question got stuck in the spam messages and I just pulled it out. You have probably figured this out by now, but just in case you haven’t….

      When your personal profile is connected to a business page it allows you to log in as yourself (personal profile) and then when you go to your biz page, you are commenting AS THE BIZ…not as yourself. The reasoning behind that is to allow you to both connect with friends or acquaintances on your personal profile for networking purposed and then invite to join your biz page where you will share just pertinent business information. When I post on our business page (Facebook.com/socialknx) It just shows comment from SocialKNX, but when I go back to my own profile I can share personal info or photos that are not work related. I also have a few other people added on our page as admins so any of us can post for the business. I hope that makes sense. :))

      Have a great week!


  • Lisa

    Thanks Gina, yes it does make sense. I figured that you need to login as personal and “use facebook as” the business. I am also able to do several other things this way like “like” a page or “comment” both as the biz and not personal. I couldn’t do this as a business page only.
    Thanks again.

  • E.S. Ivy

    Thank you! I’m a FB newbie and this is exactly the information I was looking for.

  • del

    i wish i had known this earlier!

    i have an FB fan page now and i created it separate from my personal account. i didn’t know that i would have very limited functions when it was not connected to a personal page. i couldn’t post on other pages, didn’t have news feeds, etc. it was really frustrating, and i didn’t know why other pages could do it, but i couldn’t! all along i thought i was marked as a spammer, which even made me more frustrated. (FB should inform the people about this from the start!)

    now, i found your advice and did what you said — i invited myself as an admin. strange! 😀 now i can see all the features i didn’t get to use before. (and my page has been running for more than a year now!)

    so heaps of thanks to you, gina!!! more power!!!

    • GinaSchreck

      I am THRILLED to hear that it was helpful! Be sure to stop by our fan page and leave us a link to come and check out your page. facebook.com/socialknx

      Have a FABULOUS week~


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