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Connecting YOU to YOUR World
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Connecting YOU to YOUR World
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Connecting YOU to YOUR WORLD

Community Growth

Anyone can generate followers. We provide strategic business connections. Social media marketing is critical to attracting new business leads and growing relationships with existing clients. We help you focus on the best social channels for your business, products, and services. We strategize to identify target audiences, markets, local and even hyper-local contacts – maximizing leads and target prospects. You certainly don’t need to be EVERYWHERE, but you do need to be where your potential customers are.

Content Marketing

Your potential customers are searching the web for answers. Your brand’s expertise might be exactly what they are looking for, and we help position your brand to be found by these searchers. We craft keyword rich content in the form of blogs, social media posts, newsletter content and more and get it out to the world each and every day to ensure you have more people following that content back to your website to connect.

Tracked Results

Our detailed monthly reports will guide you in making informed business decisions about your social community. We want to know more than just how many LIKES and FOLLOWERS. We measure engagement, post-performance,  competition, and can even tie your website analytics in for more effective marketing campaigns. We provide you with monthly statistics, reach numbers, demographic data, and geographical targets of those connecting with your business.

Brand Management

You’ve worked hard to build a reputable brand. Now we will help you protect it. We keep our ear to the social web, monitoring social review sites, social media channels, and things written about you on blogs across the web. We don’t just listen to people who are sending you messages. We also actively monitor what people are saying to others about your company name, products, and services.

What is SocialKNX?

We are a brilliant team of content marketing and social media management professionals. Our team is made up of bloggers, community managers, graphic artists, website development and management gurus, and social strategists. Basically, we have everything you need to establish and build your brand on the digital web. We manage the daily chaos of social activities associated with content and digital marketing, so you can focus on what you do best.

SocialKNX was founded on the passionate idea, that we could truly help businesses reach out and connect with existing and potential customers with awesome content that people find interesting and helpful. We know we can grow an online community through authentic conversations, great content, and consistent sharing of resources. We drive people to your website and door, so you can convert them to sales and long term relationships.