Survive Daylight Savings With These Tech Tools

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Only 74 More Clocks to ChangeSometime long ago, a group of government officials decided they would mess with people’s natural sleeping patterns and throw them off for weeks by telling everyone in most of the United States (except for people who live in Arizona and Hawaii) that suddenly in the middle of fall (used to be the last week in October, but it’s now the first week in November), the overworked citizens would be given an extra hour to sleep, or use however they would like.   But it isn’t a real gift, it is more of a loaner, because five months later (used to be in March but is now in April), that hour will be taken back, and the fine citizens of 48 states and a few US Territories will once again be out of whack!

Not only do we walk around for weeks completely off kilter, but the day after this magical time change takes place, people have to go around their homes searching for every clock they own to either make it fall back or spring forward, thus wasting the very hour they were just given.

So as you begin to take inventory of all your time pieces this week, I decided I would share some fun apps and tips to either save you time, or fill the time you will have after missing your flights and appointments.  Perhaps you should just throw all clocks away and start your own time zone!  I’d love to hear about the apps and tools you are using to save (or make up lost) time.

  1. Glympse (available on Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows7) This app is for those of us who will be at least an hour late for every appointment because we set our clocks back an hour after our spouses had already set them.  Open the app and send a link via email or text message to the person you are meeting with and let them track you on the map.  It’s like watching Santa fly over Kansas on his way to your house via NORAD tracking.  Very cool.
  2.  GateGuru (available on both Android and iOS) This app will save you time while traveling especially when you have that one hour layover and need to find a quick bite to eat but you are hankerin’ for a Quizno’s sub.  Open up Gate Guru and the GPS will show you what exactly is available in that concourse and it includes reviews by other travelers!
  3. AutoPark (on iOS only) This is the app that will save you time and money.  As you walk around for the next few weeks not paying attention to where you are parking your car, AutoPark will help you find your parked car, tell you how much time is left on your parking meter, and will show you nearby services such as banks, car-washes, parking lots and more!
  4. Banking Apps (Wells Fargo; Chase; BofA and more) This is not our grandma’s Savings and Loan anymore!  We can save loads of time by taking our tasks on the road and it is safe.  Most banks today have mobile banking features that allow you to pay bills, transfer money and even find nearby ATMs all with your mobile device, and now we are seeing apps for many banks that are taking it further allowing you to even deposit your checks by taking a picture of the check with your phone!  WOW- you can get your banking done and go back to bed for another hour!

So as you FALL BACK on November 6th, be aware that you will probably spend the next few weeks recovering from the confusion that comes from not knowing if you really gain an hour or if you have you spent more time telling yourself “It’s really 5 o’clock right now, not 6.”  Remember when people tell you that time is your enemy, you can tell them that fortunately technology is your friend and together you have made peace with daylight and night time.  They won’t understand what you are talking about and you can just walk away…saving MORE TIME!

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The Time Challenged, Gina Schreck

Gina Schreck is the President and Chief Hooligan at SynapseConnecting.  If you have time this week and need to chat with someone about your social marketing needs, give her a call…She’s got TIME!
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Will All My Facebook Fans Be Gone on October 31st?

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All Of Your Facebook Fans Are Leaving!

I have had many people emailing and posting on our Gettin’ Geeky Facebook page their concerns over a partial rumor circulating the internet and thought I would post a quick write up trying to shed light on it.  I haven’t personally seen these rumored posts, but people are saying they are getting notifications from Facebook stating that “disengaged fans” will be removed from business pages on October 31 unless these fans LIKE or COMMENT on something.

First there ARE some changes taking place on Facebook (shocking, I know!) on Oct 31.  The discussion and recommendation tabs indeed ARE going away– Mostly because these tabs or links are rarely used. (Although I have seen a few pages with loads of discussions on that tab and those folks will have to transfer them to the NOTES link or, I would create a blog post for them)

But the change that people are most concerned about is the one where Facebook is saying that people who have not been engaged with your content will most likely not see your content in their stream.  First, this has actually been in place for quite some time.  Because of the EDGERANK score (algorithm) that Facebook gives to each post, the amount of engagement fans have with your posts and pages directly affects whether or not they will see none, some, or all of your posts in the future.  If someone engages (likes, comments or shares) with your content, they are more likely to see your next posts in their TOP NEWS stories.

If someone LIKED your page for whatever reason (bribery, family member guilt, or a contest) but they never engage with your content, your posts are probably not even seen by them because other content that they DO engage with pushes yours out of site…and out of mind!  The disengaged fans are not removed from your page, but your content may seem invisible to them, and in order for them to start getting your content back in view, they would have to see your post on someone else’s page from a discussion, or they would have to come to the page and reengage there!  Confusing… but not new.

So the bottom line is, if you want to try and scare your fans into LIKING, SHARING and COMMENTING on your content, tell them all of their personal photos will be shared with the world on October 31st unless they engage  with your content.  Telling them that they won’t see the posts, that they are NOT engaged with any way, is probably not a motivator!

Facebook fans removed october 31

Engage with me … OR ELSE!


If you need help getting your engagement up, give us a call… or I’m showing the world your 4th grade band photo!

Extend the Customer Experience with Social Media

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Tech-Savvy Customers

I recently traveled to Phoenix to speak at a conference, and was staying right across from the convention center at the Hyatt Regency.  Because I am a crazed social media hound, I had been tweeting about the upcoming conference and mentioned that I was excited to stay at the beautiful Hyatt Regency.  I got a very nice reply from their social media team telling me they looked forward to my visit. That was impressive and showed they were paying attention in Twitter town.

I checked in on Foursquare as I was leaving the Denver airport and again as I landed in Phoenix.  My foursquare posts also feed to my Twitter account, but it did not say anything about the Hyatt Phoenix, so they would have to have been looking at my Twitter stream to know that I checked in at the airport.  When I got into the lobby of the hotel, Kelly at the front desk said, “Welcome Ms Schreck.  We knew you were almost here–Hold on, Melissa wanted to come out and meet you!”  Melissa came out and said she had been following my posts and wanted to come out and say hello.”  Now I was BLOWN AWAY!  But sadly, this is where the experience stopped.  I was not asked to join them on Facebook, I was not asked to fill out an evaluation on TripAdvisor and I was not sent another peep…or tweet! A definite missed opportunity, since I was WOWed upon arrival.

Social media allows you to extend the customer experience beyond just marketing to people before they purchase.  Many organizations compartmentalize their social media management and therefore you might see the sales and marketing teams focusing only on the pre-sale, the PR or communications department focusing on brand awareness and corporate speak, and customer care putting out fires when someone is complaining online.  Most won’t dare cross those departmental lines.

By connecting with people BEFORE they are your customers, you can learn more about them and their buying habits.

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Checking In on Foursquare

You can build rapport and even get to meet their friends if they share your content.  The tech-savvy customer, especially if encouraged to do so, will share their experience DURING the interaction with social-photo apps like Instagram or Facebook and Twitter, or use geo-location apps like Foursquare to tell their friends about you and your great service!  Why not send a link with your tweets or Foursquare check-ins that provides tips or other bonus content showing them your appreciation.

Now instead of the usual customer survey that people hate filling out, why not continue the engagement AFTER the purchase or visit by asking for a post on your Facebook reference app, TripAdvisor, or other favorite site?   Stay in touch with them and they just might become your best sales force… not to mention the repeat business you are sure to get.  Don’t let the WOW end at check-in.

Gina and her SocialKNX manage the WOW experience BEFORE, DURING and AFTER for organizations in all kinds of industries including hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, retail stores and more.  Let us know if you have any questions for us or if we can help you extend the WOW!  Join us on Facebook for tips and tools that will help you use today’s technology to build your business and manage your brand.  Of course you can always find Gina on Twitter!

Steve Jobs Thought DIFFERENT To Leave His Mark…Will You?

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Steve Jobs with iPad

This afternoon we learned that Steve Jobs, who had been battling pancreatic cancer for several years, lost the fight.  As I sat, reading about it, with my Macbook Pro in my lap and my iPad sitting next to me, I looked over and noticed my husband was reading WIRED magazine on his iPad.  What an impact Steve Jobs had on the world.   He made computers cool, music truly portable, gave phones an education, challenged us to “Think Different” and then even helped the non-computer user catch up with it all using a very different portable touch screen tablet, called the iPad.  He was an innovator and a visionary.  He not only created innovative technology, but he created a way for people to connect with people. He created a cool kid’s club that everyone was invited to.

With all of the tech tools in our lives and all of the connections we make using some of the new technology, we must ask ourselves, “Are we creating ways for people to connect with people?”  We may never create a magical device that brings rainbows and unicorns dancing in it each day (My iPad still does that), but we can leave a legacy as great as Steve Jobs if we use the tech tools to reach out to our customers, our friends and yes, even that family member you hesitated for months on connecting with before you accepted their friend request.

Do something to connect today~ Give a kind word in a comment section of a blog (hypathetical example), write on the wall of someone you haven’t talked to in a while telling them you are thinking of them, or just send a tweet to let a customer know you appreciate their business.

Here’s to living a life as sweet as an APPLE!

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May We ALL Think Different

Why is Facebook Sending Friend Posts In My Notifications?

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …. no not in the stores (although I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see decorations up already!), but on your Facebook account.   You know the holidays are right around the corner when you start getting all that extra mail stuffed into your box…catalogs and promotional information, you didn’t sign up for and then extra information coming from the stores and businesses you do business with already.

When Facebook rolled out more changes last week, one of the results was an overly-stuffed, and annoying NOTIFICATIONS feature.  When you added some of your friends to the new CLOSE FRIENDS LIST, it automatically started sending you their posts in your notifications, just in case you might miss the fact that Sue and her hubby ate at Outback Steakhouse last night!

So here is a quick run down on how to turn that feature off and allow your notifications to go back to the REALLY important things like Kevin tagging you in a very long note about his job search (ok, I really do have a heart in here. It is just squashed at the moment by the crowded notifications!):

  1. Go to your HOME link on your personal profile (the page you typically are sent to when first logging onto Facebook)
  2. Find your CLOSE FRIENDS LIST – it is in the left column under Favorites, apps and groups. You may even need to click on MORE to reveal CLOSE FRIENDS
  3. Click on the down arrow on the NOTIFICATIONS button in the upper right hand side of the screen (not on the individual person’s post
  4. Click OFF
  5. While you are here, you can add or remove folks from this list by clicking the drop down on MANAGE LIST

Ahhh don’t you feel better already?  Now if only it was as easy to stop all unwanted email…

If we can help you manage the daily social media activities for your business, or just answer another burning question, let me know!