4 Tips for Better Social Media Management: It’s So Much More Than a Post

So many people complain that they “use social media” but nothing happens.  They are looking for that Return on Investment, before they have really INVESTED anything!  Social media marketing and social media management involve so much more than most people think.

I had lunch with a potential client the other day and he voiced his skepticism by saying, “We’ve been posting on Facebook for almost a year and have never gotten a client from it!”  I whipped open my iPad and pulled up their page–he had THIRTEEN posts in almost a year!  THIRTEEN BORING POSTS!  I asked him if he had a phone in his office.  “Of course we have a phone,” I asked him how much business his phone brings him.  I explained that his phone is a tool, it is how you connect and build relationships with that tool that will make it worth paying that phone bill each month.  If you don’t have people calling in orders, do you cancel your phone service? No.  You change up your activities that help you connect with potential customers and then make sure they know how to get ahold of you when they want to order.

Social media management is so much more than throwing a few boring posts up each week.  It is more than throwing up lots of great posts each week.

Here are 4 things that will help you get that social platform RINGING:

  1. Think CAMPAIGNS or END GOAL.  What is the end goal do we want for the month? Then you can put together the plan to get there. What platforms can we engage people to achieve that goal? What type of information do we need for each platform to engage? When people do come, how will we ask them to take that next step closer to a purchase?  Perhaps you want to drive food & beverage sales in a hotel.  You are rolling out a new summer menu and you want to get the word out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Foursquare. Now you start creating an ad to drive new people to a Facebook page where there is an offer for a free appetizer or drink. You create a video of the chef showing off some of the new items and share that via Twitter and Facebook. You get the picture. The goal will determine the activities.
  2. Get off of your own Facebook page and start “WALKING ABOUT.”  What other businesses and organizations do you partner with? Do you belong to associations or local chambers? Are there radio stations that have hosts that chat about your business or industry?  Find them on Facebook and LIKE their pages from your business page.  Now take a walk-about and learn about them.  LIKE and comment on some of the activities they are involved in.  This leaves your link and thumbnail picture on their page for people to come check you out (I’m not saying to go spam other pages–genuinely be interested in their business).
    When you are on aother page and you are in the comment box, you will see your profile pic to the right. There should be a dropdown arrow that allows you to switch from commenting as yourself, to commenting as the Business Page.
  3. Be STRATEGIC as you connect.  Most people follow others in their same industry on Twitter, which is great for staying up to date on the latest trends and happenings, but create lists on Twitter for potential clients, connect with people within a certain zipcode or geographic area using Twitter’s search tools, find those same people on Instagram, Pinterest or other social sites.  Now build relationships.  Be interested in other people and guess what?  They just might become interested in those posts you are putting up on Facebook!
  4. Be AVAILABLE often (if not MORE).  If you use a tool to schedule posts and then never check in throughout the day, it is like putting a sign outside of your business telling of all the wonderful products and services you offer but keeping the door locked.  Remember, it is not about throwing content out and leaving.  It is about the relationships.  It is about service.  If your business has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, you’d better have someone that is checking in to answer questions or reply to comments often. If you don’t have someone handling this for you full time, mobile tools are critical.  Use your smartphone or tablet to check in and respond to comments and questions.  Don’t set this as a task you only do 15 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon.


Challenge yourself and your team (if you are fortunate enough to have one helping you) to try these 4 tips and see if your social media doesn’t start RINGING OFF THE HOOK! I’d love to hear how it works for you.  I’d also love to hear other ideas you have for getting a greater return on your social efforts! Do share~

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I LOVE Your Posts… What Is It You Do?

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A woman asked me to give her feedback on her social media sites, and before I asked her what her business was or what she actually did, I clicked over to her personal Facebook profile.  Lots of great photos with inspirational sayings.  Perhaps she is a motivational speaker.  I clicked on the link that was in her employment area on her Facebook profile which took me to a business Page on Facebook.  Lots of poems and quotes about leadership and marketing.  Perhaps she is a leadership consultant.  I clicked on the web link that was in the ABOUT section of the business page but it was a dead link.  Perhaps she owns a funeral home.  I did a search for her name on Twitter and the bio there had hashtags with Dental and Motivation.  She must be a motivational dentist.  After thinking about it for awhile, I realized she must be a criminal, and a very good one indeed, because she left no clues telling me what she does to make money.

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What Clues Are You Leaving?


Take a look at all of your social profiles: Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter and wherever else you have set up shop.  Can people tell what you are an expert in? Can people clearly (within 10 posts) understand what you do or have clues to follow leading them to your websites and know how they can hire you?  Mixing up your content to appeal to your community is great as long as you maintain enough focus in content to ensure when someone is looking to hire an expert in (FILL IN THE BLANK), they will immediately think of you.

What do you do to maintain that focus? Is this an area that you struggle with or have you found the solution to all the shiny objects that pull us in ever direction?



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Private Detective & Chief Hooligan!


Gina is the President and Chief Hooligan at SynapseConnecting.

SynapseConnecting is an interactive media and new technology company helping organizations

manage their online communities for big business results (In case you needed a clue)!


Incredible Stats on YouTube To Motivate You To Add Video To Your Marketing Mix

We can no longer ignore the fact that video is the preferred method of taking in information…for MOST people. If 4 BILLION videos are watched daily on YouTube, your content better be one of them!  Make a list of 10 FAQs for your business and then create 10 short videos and be sure to tag them with your keywords.  There’s your STARTING point!  Take a look at these INCREDIBLE stats from TechWelkin!  Let us know how we can help you get going with this powerful marketing component.

Getting SCHOOLED On My Mobile Phone Safety Features

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Summer…A Time To Be SAFE!

Ahh summer!  Time to throw the doors open, go to the swimming pool, work from your private beach, MANAGE YOUR KIDS INTAKE OF TECHNOLOGY!?   Okay so perhaps that was not on your summer agenda, but with many teens and pre-teens toting smart phones and devices these days, parents need to take a summer school class in their carrier’s offerings to keep their families safe when using mobile devices.

Thankfully our kids are grown and we only have the Schrecklet, our 16-year-old daughter, at home but a friend of mine has a thirteen-year-old daughter, and she recently asked me about parental controls available through mobile carriers.  I had just returned from an awesome meeting at Verizon’s Innovation Center in San Francisco with a group of bloggers (Follow this tech savvy bunch at #VZWBuzz on Twitter or The Online Mom site) and this was one of the topics we discussed!  I was thrilled that I knew enough about the features to sound somewhat knowledgable.  Later that day, I went to Schreck Academy Summer School for Mobile Devices to learn more. (This is when I dive deep into a research mode to learn more about my gadgets and tech services.)

I logged into MYVERIZON.com and took a peek in the MANAGE VERIZON SAFEGUARDS tab.  I discovered a treasure trove filled with tech goodness for parents!  From the number of minutes your kids use, to blocking calls and texts, you have the power to control it all with Verizon Safeguards.  Now before you get ideas like I did, to block all usage until 2 hour foot massages and hair-brushing sessions are given, remember this is for the love and safety of your offspring.  Here are 4 of the features I found:


    With Call and Message Blocking you can block unwanted incoming text, picture or video messages from up to 5 different phone numbers. I can think of several numbers I would have added to this list years ago when my sons were young, but we have been fairly drama-free with the girls (shocking, I know!).  WAIT, perhaps I can still think of a few people I can add to this list for MY PHONE!  But seriously this can be very helpful if you have an ex-boyfriend or psycho-girlfriend that you need to block for yourself or your teen.

    Mobile phone parental controls, block calls and text from stalkers, Mobile safety

    It Is NOT One Million Times! This Is Call 87.


    Again, because my kids are pretty close to angelic, I do not have need of the Usage Controls, but WOW would it be helpful for some parents to set limits on the number of hours a teen spends playing games or surfing the internet!  With Verizon’s Usage Controls, you can even set the hours your teen can use their phone (not during school or family vacation time) and a curfew on texting or talking on it!  Okay so you may be damaging the relationship with your teen and will have to pay for therapy later, but at least your teen will have plenty to tell the therapist…it will not be wasted money!



    My favorite feature was the Family Locator.  With our youngest Schrecklet just getting her driver’s license, we have already had a few situations where she was completely lost and couldn’t even tell us where she was so we could guide her home.  We live in a semi-remote area that requires lots of driving and the peace of mind this gives a parent to know your child has arrived at the location they set out for without having to wait for them to send a text telling you they made it (I don’t know why this is so difficult to remember to do) is well worth the $10 extra per month!  Now the only problem is I can no longer tell my husband that I have already left to come and meet him if he can see that I am still at home!  This is a great feature for those who have young cell phone users and want to have the peace of mind knowing they are safely where they are supposed to be.

    Summer phone and online safety for kids, mobile phone controls,

    Let’s Meet In The Middle For Dinner!


    I learned about Service Blocks and thankfully can still take advantage of this one! Kids love custom ringtones, wallpapers and games that each cost a buck or two.  With the Service Blocks feature you can set it so a password must be used before any app or paid service can be downloaded!  (Just paid for that therapy in savings right here).With many phones being able to access the internet, you can also rest assured that your angels wont be able to access inappropriate music, TV and video with the CONTENT FILTERS available here.

So whether you have Verizon or not, and whether you have teens with devices (sounds like a scary movie) or not, take some time to get SCHOOLED on your controls and safety features available through your carrier.  If you are a parent, remember, you need to be smarter than your child, or at least act like it, when it comes to online safety.  I know Verizon even offers classes in most of their larger stores so you can get all the help you need.

Social media and mobile devices are not the area you can stick your head in the sand and pray this phase of your teen’s life passes quickly (although that is desirable at times).  It is your responsibility to help teach them about online safety and this includes all of the devices they use to get there.

So while you are lounging on your private beach this summer, or next to the blow up swimming pool, you now have plenty to read! I would love to hear of any other features or apps you know about to keep families safe while surfing the social web on our mobile devices.  Please share in our comments area here~

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Gina Schreck is the president and chief hooligan at SocialKNX, an interactive media and technology company.  Although we spend our days living and breathing social media, technology makes us giddy and we are each parents looking for ways to teach our children to grow up socially safe and socially savvy!