The Nokia Lumia 822 The Smart Work Phone For 2013

This is a busy time of year for everyone, wrapping up the Holidays and preparing for the New Year!  Each year we set out to be more productive and more effective in our work.  If you are like me, you need your mobile devices to pull their weight in order to accomplish this goal.  Last month Verizon sent me the new Nokia Lumia 822 Windows smart phone and I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to set down my Samsung Galaxy S3 and give it a whirl.  As soon as I turned it on, I was intrigued by the look.  I loved the large 4.3 inch screen size with the big red squares (that I soon changed to purple!).


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I immediately noticed the Carl Zeiss 8-megapixel camera which is important to me since I am a photo-snapping fool posting photos and videos on our social sites and my blog.  The photos are fabulous.  Some of the other apps that Nokia has built into the phone include Nokia Drive, which is a wonderful navigation app with turn by turn instructions in a voice that I got to choose (mine sounds like Mary Poppins).


After setting up my email I noticed that it was showing me my messages in a very clever way, pulling the person’s photo from gmail or other social sites and presenting the messages in a way that almost makes email enjoyable! ALMOST!


What surprised me most was discovering the Microsoft Office apps.  Im not sure I would ever need to create a PowerPoint presentation on my phone, but you never know.  I could be stranded in an airport with nothing but my phone and realize I have to have a marketing presentation to a client in an hour.  Well I would be all set.  You can also edit or create a word doc or spreadsheet right on your phone!  That’s productive.












I only found one flaw with this amazing phone.  Because Windows is a newer player to the smartphone market, the number of apps available on the Windows platform is much lower than those available on the Android or iOS, and two of my must haves are Hootsuite and Instagram, which are not available YET.  Sure they are working on it but if you are an app-hog like me, this is a touch pill to swallow.  But if you are looking for a great work phone to help you be productive in 2013… you will find the Nokia Lumia 822 to be an awesome phone!  As for me, my Galaxy S3 is still in my purse.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Verizon who sent me this great phone!  Find out more about their service and the Nokia Lumia 822, to see how it can help keep you be more productive in 2013! 

I’s love to hear from you~  What do you look for in a workhorse phone?  Let us know in the comments!


3 Questions To Ask That Could Just Make Your Business More Social


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I’m tired of standing alone!

Do you remember playing or singing the children’s game, “The Farmer in the Dell?”  You may still be scarred by that game if you were always the cheese.  Remember all the kids stood around singing and someone was designated as the farmer.  He would take a wife, she would take a child, the child took a dog, the dog took a cat, the cat took a mouse, the mouse took the cheese, but then that sad piece of cheese stood alone.  I always wondered why the cheese couldn’t take a bottle of wine and chocolate and pears, and the song could go on until everyone was having a great party! Where was the creativity of the teachers?

In many organizations, social media gets assigned as the cheese.  It stands alone in the marketing department.    And sometimes with the marketing intern, who is the only one who understands how to load a photo from a phone to the Facebook page, but doesn’t always have the insight or the guts to involve the entire company in the results of her work.

The dangers of isolating social media to the marketing department, is that the rich feedback provided by a social community, and the data collected after posts are analyzed, can benefit every aspect of a business.  Perhaps the feedback from the community can help your organization make necessary changes that will set you apart from your competitors even further.  Could your sales team be more involved providing target accounts that you want to infiltrate and find as many people as possible to connect with within each?  What if you were identifying ideal talent that should work within your organization but no one was telling the human resources team?  What about a customer contact member who doesn’t think to remind a customer or guest to join them on Facebook for additional promotions and events, because they are “not in marketing”?

When the dollars are coming from one department, blinders tend to get put on everyone and the cheese ends up standing alone!

Here are 3 questions to ask at your next team meeting to see if social media marketing can have more friends:

  1. How can each department be more “socially involved”?
  2. Does every person in the organization know what social channels your company is on?
  3. How can “social marketing” be incorporated into the metric by which everyone is measured?
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Cheese Party!

social media activities to do each dayI would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Are there other questions that organizations can ask to get the dialog going and get that poor cheese some friends?

If we can help you grow the social party at your organization, let me know.  Of course you can reach me on Twitter or just about any other way listed here on our site

Download your checklist of daily social activities to help keep your social marketing on track!