Tips For Social Business – Part One: Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn 

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Written by Evan LePage. Originally posted on HootSource.

When talking about social media management for your business, there’s no question. People are talking about your organization. And if by chance they’re not, then they’re talking about your competitors and starting a conversation you’ll have trouble being a part of. Don’t let your organization get left behind. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos once described your brand as, “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Today, not only do you have an opportunity to be in the room but to take an active role in the conversation itself.

Good search practices start with monitoring for mentions – the good, the bad and the ugly – of your organization, but can also focus on topics related to your business where you may wish to become an influencer. At HootSuite we monitor for off- as well on-brand messages in order to assist users who may not spell HootSuite correctly 100 percent of the time. Undoubtedly Hilton adjusts its search parameters to exclude mentions of either Paris or Perez. With social, it is also possible to monitor certain users or organizations closely without them knowing you’re listening.

Gather your feedback. There are some interesting disconnects between consumers’ and businesses’ perceptions on why people engage with organizations via social media. 73 percent of businesses feel consumers want to learn about new products while only 51 percent of consumers give that as a reason. 61 percent of businesses think consumers want to be part of a community. Only 22 percent of consumers support that thought while 61 and 55 percent of consumers want discounts and to purchase something respectively. Better monitoring, listening and analysis of conversation and feedback could lead to programs across departments from advertising to customer service, HR or sales to close these gaps and build more empathetic, customer-centric relationships.


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Finding The Voice Of Your Brand In A Loud Social Space

voice_chat_talking_sharing_social_Developing the “voice” or personality of your brand is no easy task.  Sure it’s not so hard if you are an uber cool brand like Harley Davidson, or a sophisticated brand like Christian Louboutin, but what if you are a realtor or an insurance company, or a dentist?

Social media channels are busy and loud today.  People are sharing so much content that your fans and followers are on overload.  The more you can tune your content into a sound they’d love to hear from, the better off you will be.

Another challenge has to do with who you have managing your social media marketing.  If the community manager is fun and casual, you may have very different posts and comments (perhaps a few smiley faces and extra EXCLAMATION POINTS too!!) than if you have a more serious communications professional, who believes that you should not post anything except content you would like to see on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, at the helm.

Here are a 7 questions and tips to help you find the true voice of your business or organization on social media social media marketing, social media for hotels, social media help for realtorschannels:

  1. Write down 3 words that describe your brand/company
  2. Have 3 other people do the same thing (preferably people from different areas of your company)
  3. Describe your ideal customer in detail–what is his or her age?  Occupation?  Gender? Does he or she read the Wall Street Journal or People Magazine?  What does this ideal customer like to do on his or her day off?  The more you know, the more you can target your content.
  4. Aside from your wonderful content that promotes your business, what are some of the other items that your audience might want to read from you?  If you are a realtor, you can share community events, interior decorating tips, the best tips for packing a house.  A restaurant can share information about where and how food is grown. Tips on eating healthy at home as well as in the restaurant.
  5. Think outside the post, but don’t go too far.  A hotel might share tips for traveling to exotic places, but tips on exotic dogs might be too much of a stretch.  If you don’t have anything planned to post, throwing random content or news that might not be “on brand” for your company can turn away followers and fans.
  6. Use the same voice in the office or at your place of business that you use online.  If your brand posts with a tone or personality that comes across as hip, playful and casual, but when you walk in the door you hear the elevator version of Barry Manilow’s “I write the songs” and you know a smile has not been seen on a face there since 1985, there will be a disconnect!
  7. Lastly, be sure to pass all content through the filter of your true brand and it’s personality.  Especially if you have a few people posting content.  Write out a statement that boldly states your brand’s voice and goals for social media.  Incorporate this into your hiring.  Share it with each team member and you will soon be singing with one voice in sweet harmony!

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Should We Follow Everyone Back on Twitter?


This week we take on a question many businesses struggle with…  Should we follow back (or WHY SHOULD WE follow back) everyone that follows our business account on Twitter?  Many businesses and individuals rarely even look at the new followers they have on their account.  Some are too concerned with collecting more followers instead of connecting with people who could be potential customers or allies for their business.  Here’s Gina’s take on this:

What do you think?  What are your rules for following people back on Twitter?  If you have questions on using social media tools in your business, send them out way–we’d love to feature them in our next QUESTION OF THE WEEK!  


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