Scary Profiles on Twitter and Other Social Media Sites


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Writing a great social media bio is an art form.  Paring it with a photo that stops social traffic and pulls people in wanting more, takes creativity, focus and definitely lots of crafting.  On Twitter you have 160 characters to reach out and grab someone’s attention.  Other social sites give you a few more, but the task is no easier.  How do you tell people what you do, why you are hanging your social shingle out to welcome people in, and make it all sound interesting?  How do you put your best FACE forward to let people know that you are worth connecting with?  I am always on the hunt for fabulously crafted bios and even have a Twitter list of GREAT BIOS, but sadly there is no shortage of scary bios that are poorly written or contain a photo that sends us screaming like a teenager in a bad horror movie being chased by a guy in a hockey mask wielding a BlendTec blender, yelling “WILL IT BLEND?” (Perhaps I shouldn’t share all of my nightmares here.).

Here are Five Scary Characters You Don’t Want to Connect with in Twitter Town, or Anywhere Else:


  1. The Imaginary Friend.

    How to create a great social media profile, examples of good bios

    This is the profile that must be run by an imaginary friend because they talk about the person in the photo as if they are not there.  “Kelly has written several books on the paranormal and enjoys long walks with herself.”  Quit writing in third person.  It’s just weird.  If you have someone else managing your Twitter profile and it is not set up under a company name, you might want to consider changing it.  Call it Kelly’s Paranormal Solutions, or Kelly and Company, that way the person tweeting can be honest and say “We have several books and we love going on long walks.”  And if it is truly just your personal profile and you are having someone else send tweets about your work or thoughts from your book, write your bio in first person and then your marketing assistant can still post your content.  I would suggest signing tweets with initials of the person sending them, like the old business letters.

  2. Edward Hashtagger.  creating a great social media profile, funny bios on Twitter

    This is the profile that is packed with hashtags instead of real copy that tells a little about the person.  It is ridiculously scary when a bio reads:  #Leadership #CustomerService #CommunicaitonSkills #Plumbing #Baker #AutoRepair.  Why not write a bio for humans, that actually captivates like, “I am a true  Jane of all trades. From leadership, customer service and communication skills to baking the best cupcakes! I can even throw in the kitchen sink repair as I rotate your tires.”  I’m sure someone told those hashtaggers that packing your bio will help people find you, which might be true, but when they do, that bio will send them away screaming.

  3. The Zombie Prisoner.

    How to take better profile photos, social media You know that profile.  The one of the person with the photo that resembles a mug shot more than a head shot.  If your photo gives people the creeps before they even connect with you, you will be tweeting alone.  Make sure your photo lets people know you have a personality and are alive.  If all you have is selfies that make you look dead, have a friend, or stranger on the street make you say CHEESE and snap a more friendly representation of you. People on Twitter want to connect with a real person.  A live person.  A person that is interesting or fun to hang around.  Be sure your photo shows a side of you that someone might want to get to know.

  4. The Seductive Creeper.  selfies, worst social media profiles

    This is the profile of the person who is trying to look seductive or somehow sexy in a social media profile, but they just come across creepy.  They have usually taken a selfie with a strange pout face (the photos people take of themselves while holding their phone up, usually while standing in front of a bathroom mirror for some reason)and then if the fish pout look wasn’t enough, the guys take off their shirt or unbutton way too many buttons trying to impress someone with their ability to grow chest hair and muscle fiber.  The women are usually the ones who are trying to recreate a racy magazine spread as they pose seductively twisting their body and looking over one shoulder.  Unless you are taking a photo for E-Creepers dating website, you are just creeping people out on Twitter. Get dressed and take a nice photo.

  5. The EGG!

    Twitter profile egg, how to create a good Twitter profileThe scariest of all, is the dreaded default Twitter egg.  This sends chills down the spine of most people in Twitter Town, since it usually means the account is a spam account.  There is no excuse today for leaving your egg mask on.  If you don’t know how to load a photo from your computer or your phone into that profile picture area, pay a teenager in your neighborhood $10 to do it for you.  For five dollars you can probably find someone on to do it as well as customize a background for your entire profile.  So many people hate seeing themselves in photos and leave the egg to hide behind.  If you get that same teen to take your photo they can make you look fabulous with Instagram filters (everyone looks more glamorous in black and white) and use that for your photo.

These are our top five SCARY SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES, but we want to hear from you.  What have you seen that scares the living tweets out of you?

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social media ROI marketing community management

So many people say, “Our company uses social media and we post at least 2 or 3 times a week on our company Facebook page and send at least 5 tweets our a week.  Isn’t that enough?”   It really does make me want to SCREAM!

I believe the word MEDIA in social media has thrown companies off.  They think it is simply a marketing task that is scheduled and done.  Like getting out a newsletter or flyer in the mail.  It is SOCIAL people!  SOCIAL. If you get your MEDIA before your SOCIAL, your results will most likely be dismal.  You will go to measure the ROI on your activities and be disappointed in the results.

To be sure your SOCIAL stays ahead of the MEDIA, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Post your content.  
    Schedule it if you’d like.  But this is the MEDIA part.

    Walk About

    Spend time walking about each day

  2. Now walk about.
    Go to other people’s LinkedIn groups and engage.  You know…get SOCIAL!  Go to one of your potential client’s Facebook or Twitter profile and see what they are discussing.  Comment.  Like something.  Share a post from them.
  3. Lastly, listen.
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The sweet sound of your customer talking

Create lists on Twitter and RSS feeds for your clients’ and potential clients’ posts.  Use tools like to set up alerts when things are said about the people you are wanting to connect with.  Connect with your target accounts on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  Now be there to listen and respond. If you hear someone talking about being a huge Yanni fan and wishing they could see him in concert…okay, that probably won’t happen, BUT, hypothetically if you saw a post about that, you could send the link for them to enter to possibly win tickets to his concert in Izamal, Mexico, November 2nd….(WHAT?  How did I know this?).  THAT’S SOCIAL DONE RIGHT!  That is how you listen and respond to what your community is interested in.  Only when you listen first and show that you want to engage with what they are interested in, do you have a chance to have them become interested in YOU.


The next time you’re measuring the ROI of your social media…be sure to separate what you are measuring–the ROI on your SOCIAL or the ROI of the MEDIA activities.  The results will be very different!

Need help knowing what you should be doing each day on your social platforms?  Download our CHECKLIST OF DAILY SOCIAL ACTIVITIES to get you started.

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9 Tips To Build Your Twitter Community

how to get more followers on Twitter

To many, Twitter has gotten a bad rep. Is it a venue by which to vent your frustrations and opinions without fear of repercussion? Perhaps it’s a place for some to share their insights to fixing the world’s problems? Some fear using it and some pray it just goes away.

In reality, Twitter is like attending a networking event. It’s an opportunity to be your best, play the part and be an expert in a world of many eager to hear your point of view. Like attending a networking party, you can have a cocktail, mix and mingle and share the passions and opinions of others you meet. The key to success is knowing how.

Here are My 9 Tips to Connect and Build Your Twitter Community:

  1. Personalize your bio. Let others get to know you.  If you aren’t sure how your bio should read, look up others in the same industry or those with a large Twitter following. You’ll find their profiles aren’t limited to just a business description or a collection of hashtags.  They typically share something personal in addition to their professional description. Feel free to list a goal, priority or passion. Don’t fear a little whit as it makes you appear more approachable and personable.  You only have 160 characters to work with so keep it short, sweet, and simple.   Here’s an example of a well-crafted bio:

 Social Media Mktg Maven | Determined Day Dreamer | Telecom Maniac

*Deny any addiction issue to chocolate, shoes & handbags*

2. Be geographically aware.  You want to be easily found by others in your area looking for your specific expertise.
Attempt to specify what city or geographical area you do business. You don’t have to limit it to one city, but the more specific you are, the easier you are to find.

3. Invite someone to play instead of just standing around.  Like 5th grade kickball, everyone wants to be picked first but many are too scared to shout out “Pick me!” Here are easy tips to get attention (aka: followers)

4. Follow Back. This is one of the easiest things you can do. If someone follows you, and isn’t a spammer or of questionable integrity, follow them back. It’s the virtual handshake.

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5. Follow Twitter’s Recommendations.  Twitter will determine recommendations for people you can follow based your geographical location, description, those you follow and those following you. The more you follow, the more recommendations Twitter will make.

6. Use Tools,  Manageflitter, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and even Twitter have tools available for you to search for specific industries, professionals, individuals and locations. If you are doing business in Philadelphia and want to target attorneys in that area, use these tools to do specific searches allowing you to zero in on your desired audience. Getting specific helps you flush out unnecessary connections and target the market you desire to work with.

Social Media Tools, how to build twitter followers, community managment

7. CyberStalk. If there are specific companies you’ve worked with, would like to do business with or get the attention of, it’s time to do a little stalking (without the fear of a restraining order.) Find them on Twitter through key word searches of their business name, industry name, email address, hashtags they use and/or through others you know they are following. Can’t find them directly on Twitter? Go to their website and chances are you’ll find their Twitter handle online. Once you’ve begun following them, don’t stop there. Write tweets and mention them in it:

  • “Found the perfect pair of Enzo’s @Nordstrom today. Count on them for a great selection & service every time! #ShoeAddiction” 

    If they are on top of their social marketing, they are bound to see and comment on your post. This is a GREAT way to get their attention and have them follow you back. Anyone doing a search for them is also going to come across your tweet, possibly following you too.

8. Get the party started.  You’ve gone out of your way to find these companies, people and connections. They may accept your invitation, but will they participate?  Twitter is the party you want to be well attended and memorable. You can’t just hand out the invites hoping people will come.  Start talking, interacting, spreading the word about the amazing insight you have.  Most importantly, don’t think merely posting content will guarantee a reaction. Ensure you are commenting, retweeting, sharing and posting on their content. When you make them feel special, welcome, like the guest of honor and life of the party, they will reciprocate.

social media management, community management, how to grow twitter followers

9. Remaining professional doesn’t mean remaining neutral.  Many companies fear having an opinion anymore. They fear they are going to turn off an audience by sharing an opinion that may not be agreed upon by others. People may not stop following you when they disagree with you, but they will stop following you if you’re boring and don’t provide to their daily progress. This isn’t giving you permission to be annoying, or hateful, but rather bold. By knowing what you stand for, represent and promote, others will feel a stronger connection with you and desire to be a part of what you represent. There are always ways to remain professional without remaining neutral.


The key to increasing your Twitter following is no different than any other old fashioned way of getting to know others… networking and sharing. Assume others want to play, be the first to invite and promote others. When you’re known for your expertise and how you make others feel, people will be drawn to you like I am to…well…shoes.

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Misty is one of the ROCKSTAR Community Managers at SocialKNX who juggles babies and fireballs, as she rounds up new business leads, builds social communities strategically, and drives traffic to client sites! Her background in marketing and telecom allows her to share her business savviness with the clients she serves and she does it all while chasing her two little ones around and supporting her military husband!



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If you need help knowing what tasks to perform each day in your social marketing routine, check out this

Social Checklist of Daily Activities

Social Media Trends For Hotels

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It’s time to review your social media strategy and make tweaks for next year, especially to incorporate the social media trends for hotels.  This past year was a big one for social media, and next year proves to be even more important.  Social media in the hotel industry remains an important area for you to focus on.  Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends that you’ll be seeing during the coming year.  Knowing what other hotels are focusing on will help you stay competitive and keep you growing.

Center Around Social Media 

It seems like there’s a new social media site popping up all the time, whether it’s Vine, Instagram, Pinterest or the next hottest social media site that is sure to come along. Social media is growing like crazy, and the only way to grow with it is to be sure the visitors to your hotel website can engage with you that way. Sites like Facebook and Twitter make up a huge percentage of the websites the average consumer looks at during the course of the day (The average person spends 15 hrs 33min per month on Facebook alone!).  And when they’re not on those sites in particular, they’re on sites that are connected to them, or another social network.  To put it simply, make social media the heart of what you’re planning to do in your marketing strategy this year and you will stay ahead of the trends for hotels.  It will pay off.

Engage Your Fans

This year, your focus may have been on building your fanbase.  The more Facebook fans you had and the more Twitter followers you had, the more successful your business was.  At least that was the perception.  Now, the trend is focused more on engaging your fans and followers with stories told through video and photos.  The key is learning more about them.  What do they like?  What can you improve? Engagement leads to a discussion, which gives your hotel a personality. Your personality is social, and well…you can see where this is going. You’ll create a more loyal customer base when you engage them, and that’s putting your social media skills to good use.

Have A Mobile Presencesocial media for hotels, hospitality, mobile technology for hotels, trends for hotels

Your hotel’s mobile presence is crucial to its success.  Last year alone, there was an incredible shift in the way people accessed the Internet.  In fact, by 2014, more people will be accessing the Internet through a mobile device than by a desktop computer.  Considering that many mobile users will leave a site if it’s not mobile-friendly and never return, it’s vital for your website to be set up for mobile use.  With social media sites like Foursquare being accessed through mobile devices, you can see how the two go hand in hand.

Focusing your digital marketing efforts has never been more important than it is right now.  Knowing the trends will help you target the audience you’re trying to reach.  The result will be maximizing your profits without increasing your budget.

For more information about social media for hotels, or if you need assistance engaging that social audience, contact us today!


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