Social Media Means Business – Time To Embrace It Once And For All

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Social Media Means Business

Have you ever been among a group of peers, clients or colleagues who are discussing a newsworthy or business related topic of which you know nothing about? It’s embarrassing and can undermine your credibility quickly. It can leave you wondering how you are the only person that isn’t in the know. Social media has taken hold as the modern form of communication. It hasn’t replaced our methods of the past, but rather, given us a faster way to receive and send information.

– Driving down the road – check for traffic up ahead.

– Want to know the news minute by minute – hop on Twitter for instant updates.

– Haven’t seen old friends since school – connect via Facebook and Google+

The list goes on and on…

So, why do so many still sit on their couches seeing hashtags referenced on TV and hope this ‘fad’ will just go away? Why is there an intimidation factor when it comes to using this hyper connected method of communication? Perhaps social media’s start made it tough for ‘adults’ to hop on the bandwagon. Platforms like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter originally attracted teens as a way to gossip, update their whereabouts or carry on about school crushes.  It could be because those adults were “people-people” and all of this technology was not for them.

But social media has grown up. It’s relevant. It’s so relevant, in fact, that without it, you aren’t. (TWEET THIS)

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Social Business is Here to Stay

Picture this: You are sitting around a client conference table as they discuss newsworthy alerts they just received, while you are still waiting to watch the evening news. Your coworkers are boarding your plane, having insight into the traffic issues you are still sitting in. Your networking contact at the company you hope to join just got promoted and is actively recruiting, but you don’t find out until the next time you two have coffee months later. The client you have been targeting for months via post cards and flyers, just hired your competitor that connected with them on social media sites. (Read, 6 Tips to Get You Ready to Flex Your Social Media Muscle)

Relevancy goes beyond being trendy. It reaches further than just knowing what social media is. Relevancy means getting you the information you need to be productive, make faster and more educated decisions. Social media helps you stay in the know as events unfold, letting you take advantage of opportunities the second they’re available. It’s an immediate path to anyone and everyone that is relevant to you.  Social media is taking hold and has become the new normal. Like the internet in the 90’s, you may not understand why you need it, but through continued learning and use, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.


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Everybody’s Working For The Weekend: Which Is Why You Should Stay Social

It’s quittin’ time on Friday. That 5 o’clock whistle has blown. How do YOU unwind on the weekend?  Does any of your downtime include browsing Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube?  Are you writing or posting on your social media sites on your “days off?”

Listen up, social marketing managers: Social City Doesn’t Sleep!

You are missing out on prime engagement time when you forego posting on the weekends.
Facebook (alone) is a terrific absorber of audiences’ time and attention, 114 billion minutes a month in the U.S. alone.
Save your lighthearted content for the weekends. People are more relaxed and often perusing their social media sites while sipping a cup of coffee early Saturday or Sunday morning. Aren’t you happier when well rested, caffeinated and free to browse? Your audience is more likely to not only see your content, but to engage with you as well by liking, commenting, or sharing. Visibility plus engagement is your goal. Happy people comment. Connect with them in the weekend bubble.

Social Media Weekend Post Ideas:

  • What is a dead-giveaway that you are a tourist in (name your city)?
  • Now that you’ve checked Facebook, are you ready to unplug for the day?Social media posts for weekend fun
  • What page turner (ok, finger swipe) is on your Kindle to-read list this weekend?
  • My favorite way to kick off a Saturday morning is ___________.
  • Here’s wishing all you armchair referees a glorious day! Who’s up?social media marketing on weekends

These are all types of posts you can schedule (Our team uses Sprout Social to plan and schedule content) before the weekend to ensure you are unwinding a little yourself. Once your content is scheduled, all you have to do is have fun with the comments that come pouring in.  After all, I’m certain you are turning off your smartphone just as soon as you check in on Foursquare at the stadium and post a quick picture of your own little adorable football star, right?Ryder football

So, let us know…. what social media sites do you visit most often on the weekend?
If you are needing a little fun reading for your next weekend, DOWNLOAD our FREE eBook, How To Use Twitter to Build Your Business.
How to build business with Twitter


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30 Things to Post on Your Social Media Sites When You Don’t Know What To Say

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Let’s admit it, we have more to do every day in our businesses than ever before, and social media marketing has become a content beast that is hard to satisfy.  For those of you who just don’t know what you could possibly talk about on your social media sites each day, let alone multiple times a day, here’s a little help.  Some of these ideas will net multiple posts and some will inspire other ideas.  Take this list and block out an hour or two each week to plan your content (or hire someone who will do it for you).   

  1. A fun sign you spot while you are out and about with your witty comment or observations.

    use fun photos for your social media posts


  2. Top 10 tips for working with a ____ (realtor, meeting planner, speaker, fill in the blank and each tip can be a separate tweet).
  3. Answer to a frequently asked question you get. Create a separate post for each of your FAQs.
  4. Statistic for your industry.
  5. A common phrase you say, or words of advice you often give about your industry (write it out or add it to a photo for visual appeal).

    social media rules

  6. Your thoughts on a show, movie, or commercial as it relates to your business.
  7. A prediction for next month or year in your industry- what’s going to be hot…in your opinion.
  8. Trivia statement about your industry. Examples: When was the first phone call made; What was the first hotel; What is the most expensive house sold.
  9. Fun facts about team members in your business. People love learning about the human side of your business.
  10. This day in history. A historical fact for your business or your industry.
  11. Top 3 activities that help your clients be successful (can be 3 separate posts).
  12. How to avoid disaster when (fill in the blank with your industry information).
  13. Your favorite app on your phone or tablet for getting your work done.
    Apps that will save you time
  14. Your favorite activity to do while helping clients.
  15. Activities that are going on in your area that your clients and potential clients might enjoy.
  16. Conferences that you think are worth attending-provide the link for your audience members to join you.
  17. A favorite quote that inspires you.
  18. A book that you recommend.
  19. Quotes from a book you recommend.
  20. Recommendation of a service provider you love–just to let the world know.
  21. Shout out for a charity you support letting others know how they can get involved.
  22. Anniversary acknowledgments for your team members.
  23. A trend in your industry that may affect your clients and potential clients.
  24. Share a photo showing something you learned at a museum, convention center, or other public spot. (example: Did you know the blue bear outside the Denver convention center is blue because the artist loved the color of the initial model that came out of the 3D printer?).

    share interesting content on social media blue bear Denver convention center

  25. Teach us something you have learned in your business.
  26. Share the 5 biggest mistakes people make when (fill in the blank—people travel; people buy or sell their home; hiring a manager: etc.  Each one can be a separate post).
  27. A personal goal you are working on and how you are making progress.
  28. A photo of one of your mentors and something you learned from him/her.
  29. Something you are grateful for in your business. (I am grateful for my amazing Android that allows me to be productive anywhere I need to be).
  30. Someone you are grateful for in your business. (A vendor or partner who makes you look good!).

We’d love to hear your ideas–add to this list here in the comments below so everyone can benefit!   

Now that you have content ideas, DOWNLOAD our checklist of activities that you can do each day, each week, and each month for a successful and very social year!

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Looking for the Easy Pill for Social Marketing Success

 The Quick and Easy Pill for Social Media Marketing

social media marketing easy pill

We all love the easy button.  We want the skinny pill, the fast train, and we want to live on easy street.  Why not? It’s just…easier!

Social media marketing is not easy.  It’s like running a marathon, not a sprint.  Getting people to see you as a relevant and valuable resource, and in turn, trust you and like you enough to want to do business with you is not quick or easy, but it is done all the time, over time.

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So many of the people we work with want to see social media drive thousands to their business fast.  They hope that having a social media presence will immediately bring them fans and followers that will all fall in love with them and their content.  We have had clients ask us to buy Facebook fans and Twitter followers (There is a great experiment we did for one such franchise client just to show them what type of followers they would get…empty profiles that would never buy a single thing from them, not to mention attracting more and more spammers to all of their social sites.  Some of the franchisees ignored our advice, bought thousands of fans and followers, and regretted it in the end.  Of course it took us quite while to scrub the accounts of all the spammers.)  Put the easy button away and roll up your sleeves!


The key to successful social marketing and social selling, is like any other marketing and sales activity; It take time and consistency.  It takes daily activities and creative campaigns.  It takes a custom strategy involving multiple social media platforms.  If you want to see big results using social media tools, you have to be committed to putting in the time and the energy to get those results.  Are you willing to get up one hour earlier to blog and write for your social media posts?  Are you willing to spend an additional hour…or more, finding interesting people who are potential customers for your business, and then engage in conversations with them to begin the relationship?  These are the activities it will take.

easy tips for social media marketing

Try these 4 endurance building activities for your social media sites this month for real results:

  1. Find and follow 30 new people every day on Twitter using your industry keywords, hashtags or even competitor’s Twitter accounts (see who is following them and click FOLLOW on each of the people you would like to follow.) 
  2. Reply to something these new people have posted on Twitter or even ReTweet something they have shared.  This will get their attention faster than you sending them a link to your website asking them to see how great you are.
  3. Post more often on all of your social channels.  Shoot for: 10-20 tweets a day (mix up your original content, replies to others and sharing content from others), 1-2 Facebook and Google+ posts a day, 1 post a day on LinkedIn.  Load one photo a day on Instagram, and if you are using Pinterest for your business, pin 5 new pins a day and then repin, like and comment on at least 10 pins a day.
  4. Write 500 words (or more) every day, at least 4 days a week, towards a blog post, ebook, whitepaper or your next best seller!


Like anything we add to our plates, something will have to be removed in order for us to make room for this new activity.  What are you currently spending time on that you need to stop doing?  Are there some of these activities that you can delegate or outsource?  Unlike losing weight or going to the gym, we actually CAN hire help to get results for our social marketing.

We are here to cheer you on, or to help you, should you want to outsource some of the social marketing activities.  Let us know how we can help.

To get you started, we have a great EASY to use workbook for you:

Social Prospecting: A Step-by-Step Guide

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