Facebook Business Page: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

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Have you been meaning to set up a Facebook Business Page for your business but have just not had the time to figure it all out? Have you been using your Facebook Personal Profile for your business and now even your mom and sister have blocked you?

You may feel that everyone is too far ahead on the social media marketing train and you have been left behind. Just know that it’s never too late to get started and you are not alone at this train station! Many people have set up their Facebook pages and profiles wrong or not at all, so let’s get you caught up and on the right track!

train tracks

First a few basics:

Facebook Personal Profile:

  • You are allowed one personal profile per person.
  • According to Facebook’s terms of service, you are not supposed to use a personal profile for conducting business.
  • There are no analytics on the activity for a personal profile.
  • You cannot run ads with only a personal profile.
  • There are privacy settings on a personal profile you can adjust.

Facebook Business Page:

  • You can have as many business pages as you’d like.
  • You can set up a business page from your Personal Profile (recommended) or as a stand-alone page using a different login email (some limitations are placed on these accounts)
  • There are loads of analytics showing you everything from your fan demographics and individual post performance to the time of day most of your fans are online.
  • You can run ads targeting people on Facebook who do not have anything to do with your page and you can drive traffic to your website or any other place you’d like.
  • There are no privacy settings. Like a website, anyone can find and LIKE your page (unless you specifically block them, which you can do).

Facebook Groups:

  • You can be a member of 6,000 groups whether you start them or just join them, so if you are a member of 2,000 groups (first you are insane) you can start 4,000 more groups (crazy insane).
  • Currently, you can only enter or manage a group from your personal profile. Your business page cannot be in or comment on group activities. I believe this will change soon, since just this week, Facebook allowed a business to link to a group to help drive FANS over to join a group. (I know this gets a bit confusing…hang on!)
  • You can run ads using your business page account to drive people to a group.
  • There are 3 “privacy” settings for a group: PUBLIC-Anyone can find the group in search, see the content and request to join so they can comment and participate. PRIVATE-The group can be found in search but the content is closed to you until you request to join and get accepted. SECRET- This group cannot be found in search and can only be joined when someone sends a private invitation to join.

Why should you create a business page and have it connected to a personal profile, or can you create a Business Facebook Page without connecting it to a Personal Profile? These are two very common questions. Many people are worried that if they create a Business Page, people there will be able to see their Personal Profile posts. This is not true. The only connection the profile and the page have is that there is a single login and you can easily manage the business page, bouncing back and forth.

Others are worried that if they connect a Business Page to their own Personal Profile, other people who work at that business can see their personal information, or they cannot transfer the management of the page to another person if they leave the organization. This is also not true. You can set up 100 Business Pages for other companies and then help manage them or transfer the management to another team member.

If you do not connect the Business Page to a Personal Profile, Facebook will limit the visibility of the page and it will not appear in some search results nor will that page be able to comment on other Business Pages. [SEE 4 Tips for Better Social Media Management]

When I create a Facebook Page for a client—let’s say Company X—I would be listed as an admin or manager on that page. I would also want to add someone from Company X to be a second admin and perhaps another person to be a content editor or advertiser. You can have multiple admins/editors/advertisers on a Business Page. If I wanted, I could remove myself and the others would remain on the page. We also do not share a password. We all log in using our own Facebook login and then go to the page we are managing when we want to post, edit, or manage content on that Business Page.

If you are a solopreneur, I would still recommend you add someone else as a second admin or editor to your page. If you were to ever get locked out of Facebook, or put in Facebook Jail [SEE Banned on Facebook: 6 Lessons Learned] you would have someone else who could login to post or comment on your page.

Once you have your Business Page created you will want to add some content with great images before you start welcoming people to your new page. Use posts that ask questions so new people will feel compelled to answer and get engaged with you.

Download our 20 Types of Facebook Posts to Raise Engagement to help you get started.

20 facebook posts to increase engagement

Now it’s time to start driving people to your page. It’s not as easy as inviting people to connect, like you can on your personal profile. You must let people know about your page and ask them to come and join you. Be sure to tell them WHY they will want to come to the page. Are you sharing tips and resources? Let people know the benefit of coming to LIKE your page.

If you want to invite your current friends and family members that you’re connected with on your personal profile, you can post something about your new page and let them know why you think they will want to join you. Post the link to make it easy for people. Do this about once a week. Not everyone will see the initial post. You can change it up and let people know you have a great discussion question on your business page that you’d love their opinion on and leave the link for them to click and come over to chime in.

If you want to invite people that you are NOT connected with personally, you can run some targeted ads, use the walking about method mentioned earlier, and cross-pollinate from your other social media channels and your email list, letting people know you are now on Facebook and would love for them to join you for … (tips and tools …benefits of coming to your page).

Is your head exploding yet? I know it’s a lot to take in, but take one step at a time. Get on the slow train and enjoy the ride. Don’t look at how many fans someone else has on their Facebook Page. The key is to have a few great fans that will engage, give you feedback, share their experiences with your products and services, and grow slowly.

If you get stuck along the way, be sure to pop into our DIYsocial group where we are there to answer your marketing questions, cheer you on and enjoy the train ride together!


Social Media Profile Pics: Do You Have a Face That Stops Traffic?

Social Media Profile Pics: Do You Have a Face That Stops Traffic?

When you see a picture of this structure, most will know exactly where it is. Does your social media profile pic allow people to know exactly what you are about?

images for social media

Sydney’s Opera House is one of the most recognizable structures in the world.  Whether you like opera or not, when you see the building, you stop and marvel at the design and beauty.  You wouldn’t click on this picture if you wanted information on Chinese cooking or if you were interested in connecting with train collectors.  The photo gives you enough information to draw you in or cause you to move on.  In the world of social media and social networking, your online persona is made up of your name (or nickname), your avatar (or social media profile pic) and then the content that you provide.  You may not be recognizable to many in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long to create that recognizable online persona.

When I see certain pictures on Facebook or Twitter, I pay more attention to the information than when I see others.  There are some that I see and skip right over knowing it is not information that I want or need. (I know, I should just disconnect or “unfriend” them, but that is for another post.)

When developing your online persona, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, is the photo that you choose to use.  Selecting a great headshot or photo that really represents YOU is important.  In my book, Gettin’ Geeky with Twitter, I spend an entire chapter talking about using a great headshot and standing out. I have some below that I feature in the book and I will explain why they stand out in my opinion. But do this simple test: Scan your list of friends on Facebook or look down the stream of Twitter followers, which pictures jump out and capture your attention?  Which one’s get lost in the stream?  Are there some that stop traffic and cause you to dive into their information?

A great social media profile pic or headshot is close up, it shows personality and it becomes YOU to all of US.  I used to think that everyone should use a REAL photo of themselves and not their dog or a picture of their book cover, but I have found enough exceptions to this rule to now say, “it depends.”  Who are you online?  Do you provide information from a dog’s point of view? Then a dog-face works for you.  Do you use an animated character because this is how you see yourself?  Cool.  As long as it is not a picture of someone else–like those who post a photo of a celebrity as if that were them, or there have been cases where someone posts a picture of someone more attractive because they don’t want the world to see who they really are.  This is different than posting a cartoon image or caricature.

I feel that this becomes a form of deception. Too many people create fake accounts with someone else’s face, name or both so they can write nasty comments or lead people into false relationships.  I guess this is done in face-to-face relationships as well, but it is wrong in either case (in my humble opinion!) I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.  Depending on why you are online and engaging in social networking, it is usually important to build authentic relationships even when they are shot-term acquaintances.  A friendly or engaging avatar/photo is very helpful.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter profile pics–and the reasons I think they stop traffic:

Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen or @LinkedInExpert

Peg Fitzpatrick or @PegFitzpatrick


Both  Viveka and Peg have had great close up shots of their smiling faces.  Just looking at their profile pics, you would get the feeling that they are friendly and helpful.  After reading the content they provide on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and everywhere else, I know that when I see their face pop up it is worth stopping to read their post.




Here’s an example of a brand mascot being so recognizable he stops eye traffic. Moz is a brand that provides SEO tools and news that is always a favorite to read.

twitter bios










Lil Pecan

Lil Pecan or @LilPecan

Lil Pecan is one of my favorite Twitter Critters.  First she is hilarious, she makes delicious chocolates (well, she has never actually sent me any, but they sound delicious by her descriptions), she has a great blog and she is always in character.  The only irreverent social media guinea pig that sings scat that I know of.  Lil Pecan is a great example of someone who connects with people through her character and it just works!






You be your own judge. What calls to you?  In our overly crowded information highway, you need to be sure you have a face that stops traffic and then you’d better have some good content for them to read while they’re there!  Let us know who stops traffic for you.

Now that you’ve got tips for your profile pic…let’s get that bio in shape!

Download our free RESOURCE GUIDE to Create Great Bios that Attract!

Create great social media bios


I’d love to hear from you @GinaSchreck

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Live Streaming Interview Style with BeLive.tv: What you need to know

Live Streaming Interview Style with BeLive.tv: What you need to know

facebook live streaming BeLive.tv how to use live streaming

Everyone is talking about live streaming and especially on Facebook, with Facebook Live events. You may not feel ready to fly solo just yet on a broadcast. Perhaps doing live streaming interview style with a co-worker, or an expert in your industry would help ease you into the whole live streaming world, but Facebook hasn’t opened up the multi-user feature on their live streaming product yet, so what else can you do?

There are a few tools out that allow you to connect with another presenter and pull both of your video feeds into Facebook to “go live.” One of the tools we recently tested and really like is BeLive.tv.

Here’s why we like BeLive.tv:

  1. Super easy to set up and use. No bulky client to download or equipment to purchase. Simply sign up, connect to your Facebook account and schedule your first event. Once it is scheduled, you will be given a link to send to anyone you want to join you as a guest or co-host. Anyone else can watch and participate in your event through chat. There is no limit there.
  2. The cost right now is …FREE (They are officially still in BETA and therefore offering it free for now. When they start charging a fee, I am guessing it will be under $40 a month to stay in line with other similar tools).


Tips to Keep in Mind as the Host of the BeLive Event for Facebook Live:

  1. You can have one guest, or co-host, with the host on screen at a time (two people total). I have read that they are working on the ability to add more, but as of March 2016, you and one guest will be shown on screen.
  2. You can have multiple guests slotted in your event as long as you have given the link to join you on screen and guest number one drops off or hangs up before guest two joins in. So if you had 4 people to interview in one show, you could schedule them all back to back and have them watching the live stream so you could direct the next guest to join in.
  3. You do not have to have a guest. You may want to just host a BeLive Q&A session or fly solo to discuss something that is on your mind or share tips. Using the BeLive platform allows you to schedule (something you cannot do at this time through Facebook), as well as have very nice features such as adding your name and company in the lower third of your screen (see names in lower third of screen) and pulling questions that are asked in chat, onto the screen to feature them.Facebook Live events using BeLive.tv
  4. Speaking of questions. During your event, any questions or comments that are typed into Facebook by your viewers are seen inside the BeLive platform. You can simply click on a question or comment to have it pop onto the screen as you answer it. (See Sarah’s comment below) The key to remember is to click it again when you are finished to take it off the screen so it doesn’t cover your lower-third name tag.Live streaming interview style on Facebook live
  5. BeLive.tv works best in Chrome browser, so be sure and have that downloaded prior to beginning the setup.
  6. Have your guests run a test with you before the show to ensure their video and audio is set up correctly. If you have one guest, simply have them join you in the BeLive platform 15-30 minutes prior to run the tests. If you have more than one guest, you have to run these tests one at a time.
  7. The only equipment needed would be a computer with a video camera and microphone or smartphone. You may want to use a microphone/headset to plug in for improved audio. TIP (from experience): Do not use a microphone-only plugin as it could affect your ability to hear your guest. Since the microphone is usually plugging into the headset jack. It is fine if you don’t need to hear anyone else speaking, but in this case, use a headset with a mic built in.
  8. You can schedule your event to broadcast into your personal profile, a group or a business page you manage.Live streaming interview style use BeLive.tv on Facebook Live
  9. When you schedule your event, notifications, as well as subsequent reminders, are sent automatically, which is wonderful!


Tips for the Guest Coming on BeLive.tv:

  1. You will be sent a link to click on the day of the event. Log in a few minutes early (if not several minutes early to practice) and test your microphone and video.
  2. Do a quick check of your surroundings. You will be on camera and you may want to tidy up around you or be sure there is no confidential information that will appear onscreen.
  3. You must have a Facebook account to participate. BeLive.tv pulls your name and info from Facebook, at this time, in order to connect you.
  4. Using Chrome browser is recommended, if not required. Do not wait until the day of the event to download Chrome.
  5. Just like the host, the only equipment needed would be a computer with a video camera and microphone or smartphone. You may want to use a microphone/headset to plug in for improved audio. TIP (from experience): Do not use a microphone-only plugin as it could affect your ability to hear your guest. Since the microphone is usually plugging into the headset jack. It is fine if you don’t need to hear anyone else speaking, but in this case, use a headset with a mic built in.
  6. As you are logging in for the first time, you will see a notification “Do you want to allow BeLive access to your microphone and camera.” This is a small message that will appear but watch for it. If you click away or click NO, your computer audio and video will not work. You want to allow the tools to use your camera and microphone. Don’t worry, they won’t snap any selfies on their own.
  7. Be sure to have strong internet connectivity or strong cell service if you are participating from your phone. Just like using Skype, Facetime or any other live video tool, your internet connectivity is crucial to a smooth live streaming experience.
  8. Have fun! Your personality is what will make the event fun for the viewers. Relax and don’t try and be scripted. Bullet points are fine but don’t read your answers onscreen.

So how do you begin? Can you test this before you schedule your first public event? Yes. Go in and schedule an event you will see at the bottom a TESTING ONLY-DO NOT POST option. This will allow you to get comfortable with the features before diving in.

If you need more tips on creating better social videos, be sure and download “3.5 STEPS and 8 TIPS for BETTER SOCIAL VIDEOS”

Tips for doing live streaming video

Connect with us on any social channel or join our DIY.social business building group on Facebook. I look forward to connecting!


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Remove The Facebook Mask: Use Your Personal Profile To Manage Your Business Page

Remove The Facebook Mask: Use Your Personal Profile To Manage Your Business Page

How to Correctly Set Up a Facebook Business Page

how to set up a facebook business page without using personal profile, facebook maskI’m sure there are many reasons people avoid using their real names or photos of themselves on a Facebook page or profile as they set them up.  Perhaps they are wanted by the FBI, their high school reunion coordinator, or their mother.  This mistrust of Facebook and any other social media site, causes people to want to wear a mask and set up pseudonyms to protect their identity while they wander around the “social” web.  Kind of ironic when you think of it.

Many who have avoided Facebook all these years, feeling rather smug about bypassing the bandwagon that everyone seems to have jumped on, are now realizing they are truly left behind when it comes to business marketing.  After all, you can avoid the bandwagon all you want, but if your customers have all jumped on it, you are left standing in your puddle of pride…alone. (TWEET THIS)

Here are Types of People Avoiding Setting Up a Facebook Page Correctly.
setting up a facebook page without using your personal profile

The 2-Faced, Facebook User

There are people who enjoy using their social media profiles with their own names, but when it comes time to create a business page or profile, there is a fear of connecting that business profile to the personal profile.  This causes people to break the rules of Facebook and some create a second personal profile with their real name but they use a work email.  They plan to use this profile strictly to manage the business page.  they just don’t realize that anyone searching for them will now find two profiles and it causes problems.

 Setting up personal profile for business on Facebook

The Masked Business, Facebook User

Then there are those who break another Facebook rule and they create a personal profile using a business name.  From that profile they create a legitimate business page.  This is usually done all using the business email for that personal profile and anyone needing to access it, simply logs in using the single email.  The problem with this scenario is you are giving everyone a single login password which is risky, and like the scenario above, it causes confusion when a customer searches Facebook for your business and finds two entries, a personal profile and a business page.

Limited functionality from setting up facebook page incorrectly

The Bound Business,  Facebook User

There is an option to create a business page as a business account, solely using a business email, and not attaching any personal profiles at all.  The page is set up but then the person trying to actually use the page to connect with others, comment on other pages and post realizes they have very limited functions available to that page.


One thing to note. Facebook is a free service (many will now argue this fact since we must pay to promote many posts to have them seen by your target user) and their revenue comes from advertising.  When you log into your business page you are not seeing ads down the right hand side.  Only when you log into your personal profile are you flooded with ads.  This is one of the reasons I believe Facebook wants everyone starting from their personal profile and then jumping over to manage a business page.

Help setting up a business facebook page

So what’s a person to do?  How can you maintain your own personal Facebook connections with your friends and crazy relatives, while managing a business page for your business or a company page where you work? Even if you are simply setting up a page for someone else and then you want to remove yourself, follow these steps:

How to correctly set up a business page using your personal profile.


  1. Create a personal profile (if you are one of those who have been standing in your puddle of pride and are just now creating your own profile).  Even if you don’t intend to use your personal profile for networking, create your profile and then set the privacy settings tight.  If you already have a personal profile move to step 2.
  2. After logging into your personal profile, go to Facebook.com/pages to begin creating your business page.  You will select the category for your business page that best matches the type of organization you have.  Don’t lose any sleep on this step, as you can change this later in your business page settings.
  3. Be sure to fill in the ABOUT section for your business with a link to your website, ways to contact you or the business, hours of operation (if that is appropriate), and more.  This is where you will put the email address and or phone number that you want your business audience to use.  It may be completely different from the information you use on your personal profile.
  4. Load some content with visuals.  Like moving into a new house, decorate a bit before inviting everyone over.
  5. Now start inviting people to like your new page.  This is where you decide whether or not to invite your personal contacts or simply start from scratch inviting people your business is trying to connect with.  (see our post on “4 Tips for Better Social Media Management” to build that page from scratch)
  6. Now when you log into your personal profile you will see the business page that you manage in the left hand column of your home page.  You can also find pages you manage in the drop down gear icon in the upper right of your page.  I suggest going to your business page from the gear icon, because it automatically changes your identity from personal profile to your business page identity.  Anything you post on the page from there is seen as coming from your business, not from you personally.  The only way anyone would know that it is you posting, or that you are even connected to the page, is if you tell them, or if you comment as yourself, which you can do by going from the left column and selecting “Post as Gina Schreck (your name) once on the page (look at the top, right under your business page name).  This will post your comment on this business page, as well as showing that post on your personal profile since you posted as yourself.
  7. The last step is to add another person on this business page for security purposes.  If you ever got locked out of your Facebook account, or penalized for something (there are things that can cause Facebook to throw you in Facebook jail for 24-48 hours or longer.  See my experience here) you want someone else to be able to login and post for the business.  If anything ever happened to you, like missing work because Nordstrom had a 3-day sale in their shoe department, or you decided to move to a remote island, you must have someone else on the page who can log in and post for the business.  Adding others as a page admin, also allows you to remove yourself if you ever leave, and the page remains intact with the other admins running it.


We know that Facebook is a powerful way for businesses to connect, get feedback and build business from their target audiences, but it does take work.  Take the time to set up your account correctly.  Plan your content to be interesting and helpful, and don’t give up too quickly.  It takes work AND time!  Let us know if you have any questions, or if we can help you manage the daily activities that will grow your online presence and business.

Download our FREE Guide that Gives You 20 Different Types of Facebook Posts to Help You Increase Engagement


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Tell Us WHY We Should LIKE Your Facebook Business Page

We all get Facebook friend requests every day (well…except for those 4 of you on the planet who are still not on Facebook) and we most likely look at and accept many of them.  We get invited to events and ignore most of them since they are being held 8,000 miles away (PS-you CAN target who you send those to, you know…but that is another blog post altogether).  We may even tolerate those inviting us to take quizzes or play games every hour (mostly from my aunt and cousin), but when I get a request to like someone’s Business Page that just says “Like Bob’s Page,” I ask WHY?

why like your facebook page

What will I gain by becoming a following your page?  Now don’t get me wrong- I manage many business pages myself, and I believe most every business and entrepreneur should have a business page, but if I sent out a request to my friends, colleagues, and clients asking them to LIKE my page, I need to tell them what’s in it for them to do so. What will they get when they subscribe to my posts or follow one of our brands?

I can go out and send friend-requests all day long, but it’s a lot of work to market your business page. I have to convince people that I have something of value to offer. And if you are not sure what you have that is unique and valuable, that will be your first assignment. People are just getting too many requests for connections, to like pages, attend events, help raise funds, and on and on it goes.  If your business page is called “Frazzled Parents of Teens” you will get thousands of parents joining you.  If it is “Clean Houses without Lifting a Finger” and you provide tips on getting my daughters to stop leaving clothes in the middle of the floor, I am clicking that LIKE button so fast my fingernail will break.  Do you see the difference?

If your business name tells me the benefit, you will benefit. If your name is more obscure, you will have to remind people often, why they should join you. Invite people to like your page and tell them some of the great resources you have and what they can expect once they come over to click that LIKE button for the first time. And don’t think you can invite people once and they will listen. You have to invite people multiple times. Weekly. Maybe even as often as my cousin invites me to play the gangster game on Facebook!

So tell us in the comments WHY we should come and like your page…and don’t forget to leave the link so we can pop over and say Hi!

If you want tips on what to post on your Facebook page to get higher engagement, be sure to download our FREE guide:

20 Types of Facebook Posts for Greater Engagement


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