SWOT Analysis of Social Media

SWOT Analysis of Social Media

Did you know that 47% of social media marketers report that the biggest challenge they face when it comes to social media marketing is coming up with strategies that support business goals?

THIS is where the handy-dandy SWOT analysis comes in to save the day! SWOT stands for Strengths-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats, and completing one of these can help you understand how exactly to utilize social media and strengthen your strategy. The SWOT framework is traditionally used to analyze the internal and external factors that help or hurt a business’s success. A SWOT analysis can help you identify key areas within your social media strategies and campaigns that require improvement or tweaking in order to be successful.


Let’s Get REEL: Instagram Rolls Out Reels to Compete with TikTok

Let’s Get REEL: Instagram Rolls Out Reels to Compete with TikTok

Many of you may be rolling your eyes saying, “Who cares?” While the rest of you are intrigued since you are probably among the masses who jumped on TikTok during the quarantine period to entertain yourself after finishing ALL OF NETFLIX. Now we have Reels to test drive. Aren’t global pandemics useful?

TikTok has been in the news A LOT lately with the announcement of Trump threatening to ban TiKTock in the US and telling Microsoft they have a month to buy the US division of TikTok and all kinds of other craziness. Picturing Microsoft users getting on TikTok is amusing in itself. Perhaps the RickRoll will make a comeback after all.  I believe Twitter is now also in talks to purchase TikTok which worries me since Twitter bought Vine before that shriveled …on the vine, I’m not so sure that will go well either. While all the talks and bidding wars go on, Instagram rolled out Reels. Most people had no idea though since it seems to be a feature that is buried inside of stories.

Instagram Reels

Reels has been available for quite a while in other countries, but it began rolling out August 5th, in the U.S. Since I have been one those “over 40” (ok… over 50!) moms who are cluttering up TikTok with our SAVAGE moves and the Cannibal Dance. I thought I’d check out Reels over the weekend. I was sadly unimpressed. I really was hoping it would be more of a copycat app with the fun comedy and dance memes, but it reminded me more of… VINE.

Here are a few of the main points on each so you can consider where to waste… I mean, spend more of your time. Don’t get me wrong, I do see some amazing ways to use these apps for a brand, but it will take some time to sift through all of the 16-year-old dance videos and lots of creativity to create content that is worth sifting for.


  • Launched in 2018 and already has over 2.5 billion downloads in the app store—almost a billion users worldwide and 100 million in the U.S. as of August 2020.
  • More users spending more time on TikTok than on Instagram!
  • 60-second videos
  • Mostly entertainment- funny and fashion-oriented video challenges
  • You can view TikTok videos without having an account
  • Standalone app


  • Launched August 5th in the U.S.
  • 15-second videos
  • Must have an Instagram account to view
  • If you follow someone’s Reels you will also be following their Instagram feed
  • It is mixed in with Instagram’s main app causing a bit of confusion and clutter with stories, IGTV, and the regular feed all mixed in with Reels
  • More augmented reality filters (aka-deer face and sparkles spinning around your face to mask wrinkles and puffy eyes)
    Instagram Reels versus TikTok

So after week one (and just two videos posted to Reels), I am not seeing much to get excited about yet. I’m sure there will be more features that get rolled out and perhaps it will take a few months for us “older folks” to find out about Reels since it’s buried within so many other Instagram features. Just look at the success (or lack thereof) IGTV has had. It was supposed to rival YouTube and I’ve never met someone outside of those in marketing who understand what it is, how to find it, or how to use it.

TikTok versus Instagram Reels

As popular as TikTok is, it will take a lot for Reels to snag market share. But then again, if TikTok gets snapped up by Microsoft and they blend it with LinkedIn (also owned by Microsoft), Reels could have a fighting chance. I’d better start practicing my SAVAGE moves for Reels now.

Like any new app, I suggest people get on there, poke around and watch a few videos or 87 hours of them (which is what will happen when you first get on TikTok) to see where your brand can find a space to fit in. It feels kind of like a junior high dance… stand against the wall looking awkward. Have a few of the mean girls tell you how old fat and uncoordinated you are and then throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care.


I’d love to know your thoughts or questions. Let us know if you are creating any Reels or if you find any super creative accounts we can all check out.

@GinaSchreck (on Reels)

Prefer video? Click here for REEL tips from SocialKNX CEO, Gina Schreck!

10 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

10 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram continues to grow in popularity. Brands have all scrambled to jump in and try to build an audience, but many have no strategy and do not take into consideration the fact that this platform is not like the others. Like Twitter, many are tempted to buy followers and likes instead of growing the audience organically which always leads to problems when you actually try and convert to sales. On any social media channel, it takes time, strategy, and consistency to build your audience, but there are some unique tips that can make using Instagram more effective.

Keep in mind that with any social channel, it is getting more important to create content that is interesting enough that it starts conversations and gets shared, versus you pushing it in front of people through advertising. (Read “The Content Marketing Genius of Angie Castalano” for a great example of this in action!)

10 Tips for Instagram Marketing

1. GET REAL– As often as possible, use real photos that you have taken. While this isn’t always possible, find images that share your brand’s story and look authentic.

2. NO STOCK IMAGES-No one likes stock images that look like…STOCK IMAGES! Corny staged corporate porn is definitely a NO-NO on Instagram.

3. ADD HASHTAGS– People use hashtags to find great content and people to follow. Click on any hashtag to see the top people or most recent people using that tag.

4. USE 10-20 HASHTAGS– Adding multiple hashtags will help your profile become more findable. You can place the hashtags in the caption or in a comment directly following. That’s a personal preference.

5. EXPLORE & DISCOVER– once a day click on the magnifying glass to find new people to connect with. The more people you follow the more people will follow you back.

6. COMMENT & LIKE– Make a point to show the love to those you follow. Comment and like photos on other people’s profiles and BE SOCIAL! Adding an emoji to your comment helps your comment stand out in the crowd.

7. WRITE MORE- This isn’t Twitter. You can write 2,200 character posts, but keep in mind it only shows the first 3 lines of text before showing the MORE link to read more. Be sure you are weaving your keywords into your posts like anywhere else.

8. CONSISTENCY & FREQUENCY– Posting regularly will pay off. Like any social site, being on there regularly will help more people find and connect with you.

9. LET US PEEK- Show us the behind the scenes for your business. Let us meet your team or see your product being made. Don’t always show perfection…let us peek behind the curtain of OZ!

10, STAY TRUE TO YOUR BRAND– I love brands like DRY BAR with their touch of yellow in most every image or those that just a look that you can identify immediately. When possible, use your brand colors and fonts, even if it’s just a touch here and there. Using tools like Canva will help you maintain your brand look and feel since you can load your brand’s fonts and exact HEX or RGB colors and use them in your image designs.

Gina Schreck is the founder of SocialKNX and DIY.social. You can join the free DIYsocial Facebook group to get questions answered, tips and tools, and loads of encouragement!