Live Streaming with Meerkat and Periscope: What You Need to Know to Start Using These New Apps

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I’m sure you were just saying, “I wish I had another app that I had to use in my marketing mix!” HA! 

Just when you think you can’t add another tool to your marketing toolbox, along comes not one, but two new live-streaming apps, Meerkat and Periscope. While these new live streaming apps may not be for everyone, if you are ready to add a little fun into your marketing, you might want to take a look at how you can incorporate one of these new tools. 

You definitely don’t need both of them; that would be like having two calendar apps on your phone. So lets talk about the differences and how you can use them. Before clicking that live stream button, you should first ask yourself how this fits into your marketing strategy and brand image. What kind of content will you share that is interesting and helpful to your targeted audience? I’ll give you some ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.

Think of it as Instagram video or Vine, but LIVE and interactive. Instagram or Vine videos allow you to record and share right away and then people can comment on the video. This is LIVE. LIVE means there is no editing, and when a random heckler throws a curveball question out, everyone sees it. You must be prepared to handle these with speed and with grace. Being quick on your feet is an important skill. Like taking questions during a live webinar or web streaming event. You need to know which responses to simply ignore and which ones to highlight.

How are Meerkat and Periscope the Same?

Both of these services are for live broadcasting only. (Have I mentioned you are LIVE?) On Meerkat, once you are finished, the stream is over. It is not automatically saved anywhere. Periscope allows you to replay for 24 hours. If you want to archive your event, try using something like Google Hangouts on Air. Your recording is automatically loaded to YouTube for eternal viewing…or as long as you have a YouTube account! Because of this short lifespan, you will want to promote your broadcast beforehand to attract the audience you want to attend. Currently both of these apps are for iOS only (iPhone users, or of course, iPad users can download them if you look under iPhone apps), and I’m sure it won’t be long for the Android stepchildren to get the app. 

How are Meerkat and Periscope Different?

While Meerkat came out first and got lots of techie love at SXSW this year, Periscope is owned by Twitter and incorporates into your Twitter account, letting you easily connect with anyone you are already connected with on Twitter. Meerkat takes a bit more work to build your following.  Meerkat lets you schedule your event and Periscope is more spontaneous…currently. Meerkat is over when it’s over. Periscope lives for 24 hours to replay before it vanishes. We will probably see this expand as the services get more subscribers and they get more  

Currently both have notification settings that are all or nothing. Annoying for sure. You hear bells and whistles when someone you are following goes live. I believe this will quickly change as we all start live streaming to the teams at Meerkat and Periscope with our feedback!

As with most new toys…I mean tools, we will see these evolve and as users get creative with the many uses of them, we will see an unlimited number of ways we can use live streaming in our business.  Here are a few “idea-starters” but I would love for you to throw a few more into the comments. Let’s see how many we can come up with. 

How can you use Meerkat or Periscope for your business?

  1. Bring your followers on a tour of your office.
  2. Introduce your followers to your team members. an expert, or even your doorman! 
  3. Bring your followers on a walk through your neighborhood.
  4. Bring your followers shopping with you and get their input on what you should buy.  Hmmm could be great for indecisive shoppers. 
  5. Bring your followers to an event you are attending.
  6. Show your followers a behind the scene peek of something you are working on before it is ready to reveal to the rest of the world- Great for building anticipation.
  7. Share new inventory with your followers before the doors open. 
  8. Take your followers on a tour of your favorite store and show them items you recommend.
  9. Teach your followers how to cook your favorite meal or prepare your healthy morning shake.
  10. Review a product that you are taking out of the box and sharing your thoughts on.
  11. Teach your followers how to organize a space. 
  12. If you create podcasts or video products, share with your followers how you set up.
  13. Share with your followers your writing process and show your favorite writing spots. While you’re at it, get blogging ideas from your followers.
  14. Let your followers decide what which product you should run a special on for the month. You show and let THEM tell.
  15. Do a book review. Think show and tell or 4th grade book report.
  16. Do a BIG REVEAL! Are you ready to announce something big? Live stream your reveal.
  17. Q&A session. Perhaps you select an evening each week or month to answer questions about your products or services.
  18. Take your followers with you around the world. When you are traveling, be a tour guide and share a bit of your experiences with your followers.
  19. Show your followers what is in your bag! What are your “must-have” travel accessories or tips for packing effectively.
  20. Show your followers how you apply makeup or do a new hairstyle (this is for the very brave).
  21. Take your followers to an amusement park and let them decide which ride you should go on and then if you are really brave and have a killer grip on your phone, take your followers on the ride. I just don’t know if your followers will want to stand in line with you!
  22. Take your followers on a field trip to see how donuts are made or how coffee is roasted (I saw this on Meerkat and it was very therapeutic 



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Great Gadgets: Social Marketing On The Go

Social Marketing On the Go

With so much on a social marketing professional’s plate today, having GREAT tools is more important than ever.  You can’t afford to wait until you are back at your desk or in front of your computer, to respond to questions or share a photo that you just took at an event.  You need a superstar smart phone.  You need great tools that help you do your social marketing on the go. The model you choose is not as important as what it should be able to do for you.  Smart phones are for more than reading email.  Tablets are more than a digital photo album.  You need to make sure you learn to use the devices you have to do the work that needs to be done.

Here is a short TIP OF THE DAY video that says it all:

If you need more help with your social marketing, here is our checklist of daily activities that will get you started:




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Checklist of daily activities for your social marketing and social media

The Nokia Lumia 822 The Smart Work Phone For 2013

This is a busy time of year for everyone, wrapping up the Holidays and preparing for the New Year!  Each year we set out to be more productive and more effective in our work.  If you are like me, you need your mobile devices to pull their weight in order to accomplish this goal.  Last month Verizon sent me the new Nokia Lumia 822 Windows smart phone and I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to set down my Samsung Galaxy S3 and give it a whirl.  As soon as I turned it on, I was intrigued by the look.  I loved the large 4.3 inch screen size with the big red squares (that I soon changed to purple!).


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I immediately noticed the Carl Zeiss 8-megapixel camera which is important to me since I am a photo-snapping fool posting photos and videos on our social sites and my blog.  The photos are fabulous.  Some of the other apps that Nokia has built into the phone include Nokia Drive, which is a wonderful navigation app with turn by turn instructions in a voice that I got to choose (mine sounds like Mary Poppins).


After setting up my email I noticed that it was showing me my messages in a very clever way, pulling the person’s photo from gmail or other social sites and presenting the messages in a way that almost makes email enjoyable! ALMOST!


What surprised me most was discovering the Microsoft Office apps.  Im not sure I would ever need to create a PowerPoint presentation on my phone, but you never know.  I could be stranded in an airport with nothing but my phone and realize I have to have a marketing presentation to a client in an hour.  Well I would be all set.  You can also edit or create a word doc or spreadsheet right on your phone!  That’s productive.












I only found one flaw with this amazing phone.  Because Windows is a newer player to the smartphone market, the number of apps available on the Windows platform is much lower than those available on the Android or iOS, and two of my must haves are Hootsuite and Instagram, which are not available YET.  Sure they are working on it but if you are an app-hog like me, this is a touch pill to swallow.  But if you are looking for a great work phone to help you be productive in 2013… you will find the Nokia Lumia 822 to be an awesome phone!  As for me, my Galaxy S3 is still in my purse.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Verizon who sent me this great phone!  Find out more about their service and the Nokia Lumia 822, to see how it can help keep you be more productive in 2013! 

I’s love to hear from you~  What do you look for in a workhorse phone?  Let us know in the comments!


Home Sweet Connected Home


For the past two weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of doing some work in London and Barcelona. My family joined me and we mostly tooled around and played but I did have to speak for a few days in the middle of all the sightseeing.

I absolutely love traveling to other countries, meeting wonderful people and learning more about our world’s history, but I must confess I wanted to send Verizon a postcard from Barcelona saying “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and I kissed my modem the moment I got home.

I missed being able to instantly share photos with my family and friends via Instagram whenever I felt like it. I missed being able to just log in at the end of the night to check email or the latest news in the Twittersphere without wondering how much data I was consuming. I’ll admit it, I missed being a carefree data consumer taking mega and giga bites whenever I wanted.

I was reminded of the many luxuries we take for granted in our connected world. When we live in a country with fast and always on Internet like Verizon’s FIOS, there is no eternal 10 second wait for pages to load. Yes we are spoiled. We whip out our smartphones whenever we want information, wherever we happen to be to “summon” whatever we need to know from our magical devices.  We have apps on our phones and tablets that connect to our Smart Homes and allow us to turn on and off our lights, adjust our thermostat and even show us a video of the dog sleeping on the forbidden chair.

I love seeing the world but it’s good to be HOME SWEET CONNECTED HOME!

What do you miss most while traveling?

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Disclaimer: I am on a blogging team for Verizon where I am given products to test and write about. I do still pay my own Verizon bill each month! 🙂

Tools For Living A Social and Mobile Life


How does one juggle all the social sites they are on as well as manage to get any other work accomplished?  I know for myself, I could not survive being a mother, wife, business owner and main marketer for our company without being able to work on the go.  I live completely mobile. I can truly work from anywhere–and have held virtual meetings while sitting in my car in parking lots, attended client review calls while at the airport, and I write blog posts and create video pieces from anywhere I can whip out my iPad.  Answering tweets or capturing a great photo and posting immediately to Facebook for our business is a snap with the right mobile tools.

To survive the sheer amount of information we consume and contribute to, we can either chain ourselves to our desks for the next 87 years or we can make sure we have the tools in place to live a joyfully mobile life. So if you ask me, “Which is the most valuable mobile tool you have?” I would want to say my Galaxy S3 phone that allows me to use the mobile hotspot through Verizon and get a team of people on my own network, but then I would have to add my iPad that runs off that mobile hotspot from my car, near or far, in a train and in the rain, in a box with a fox and …okay you get it. I can work from ANYWHERE! I have hundreds of apps on that iPad that allow me to check website analytics in real time, blog to WordPress while sitting on top of a 14 thousand foot peak in Colorado, post tweets, Facebook updates or LinkedIn messages using Hootsuite, or entertain 8 year olds with my favorite game, Max and the Magic Marker. Apps like Dropbox allow me to access my documents, and with Sign-n-Send I can open and sign a contract before sending it back, no printing, scanning or pens needed.

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However, there are some key pieces that allow me to be successfully mobile that don’t get talked about as often. They are the tools that make the magic happen, like SUPER SPEED internet service, phone service that allows me to take calls from home or forwards them to my mobile where ever I am. They are tools that may not seem as sexy to some, but they work seemlessly so you don’t spens your time frustrated with great gadgets that don’t do what you need them to do.

I switched to Verizon Wireless almost a year ago because I needed a service that could provide a family of data-hogs with a plan that made sense while allowing me to work from as many locations as possible.  I needed reliable service for work and home.  I was asked a few months ago to join a cool team of Verizon customers to help evaluate some of the cool products and services coming out, and that is when I discovered the FIOS products that can make any home SMART!  FiOS offers super fast internet, that’s  more reliable (I cannot afford to have my internet down, EVER), crystal clear digital voice service for home and office phones, and amazing digital TV products that not only bring an awesome picture quality but continue to add features that make our televisions more social. Being a tech enthusiast, I love all the new innovative products that are rolling out through Verizon with a big focus on living and working mobile.  With the FiOS app on your iPad or mobile phones you can listen or watch programs on the go, turn on lights in the house while you’re gone.  I need the video monitoring service to check and see if that pesky bear is tearing up my bird houses again, or more practically, if it is the UPS or FedEx delivery truck at the gate before I get up from my desk.  These are just a few of the smart features that allow me to get more work done in an ever shrinking span of time.
mobile business smarthome living mobileSo to live and work successfully mobile, you need a smart phone and/or tablet that allow you to get everything done that you could if you were chained to your desk AND you need a back end system that supports that ALWAYS ON lifestyle.

So if you are struggling with finding the right tools to live the mobile life, or if you have wondered if it’s worth the investment to buy that smartphone or tablet, I would recommend making a list of daily tasks that keep you chained to that desktop and then evaluate which tasks could or could not be performed away from your desk.   The next time you are stuck for 20 minutes waiting for your doctor to call you in, or you are waiting at that soccer practice that was supposed to end half an hour ago, you will realize the value of working wonderfully mobile! A delayed flight is now super productivity time and a cancelled client appointment becomes great quiet time to work at the coffee shop down town.  With the right tools you can stay social everywhere you want to be!

What tools help you live successfully mobile?  What are the things that keep you chained to the desk?


Getting SCHOOLED On My Mobile Phone Safety Features

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Summer…A Time To Be SAFE!

Ahh summer!  Time to throw the doors open, go to the swimming pool, work from your private beach, MANAGE YOUR KIDS INTAKE OF TECHNOLOGY!?   Okay so perhaps that was not on your summer agenda, but with many teens and pre-teens toting smart phones and devices these days, parents need to take a summer school class in their carrier’s offerings to keep their families safe when using mobile devices.

Thankfully our kids are grown and we only have the Schrecklet, our 16-year-old daughter, at home but a friend of mine has a thirteen-year-old daughter, and she recently asked me about parental controls available through mobile carriers.  I had just returned from an awesome meeting at Verizon’s Innovation Center in San Francisco with a group of bloggers (Follow this tech savvy bunch at #VZWBuzz on Twitter or The Online Mom site) and this was one of the topics we discussed!  I was thrilled that I knew enough about the features to sound somewhat knowledgable.  Later that day, I went to Schreck Academy Summer School for Mobile Devices to learn more. (This is when I dive deep into a research mode to learn more about my gadgets and tech services.)

I logged into and took a peek in the MANAGE VERIZON SAFEGUARDS tab.  I discovered a treasure trove filled with tech goodness for parents!  From the number of minutes your kids use, to blocking calls and texts, you have the power to control it all with Verizon Safeguards.  Now before you get ideas like I did, to block all usage until 2 hour foot massages and hair-brushing sessions are given, remember this is for the love and safety of your offspring.  Here are 4 of the features I found:


    With Call and Message Blocking you can block unwanted incoming text, picture or video messages from up to 5 different phone numbers. I can think of several numbers I would have added to this list years ago when my sons were young, but we have been fairly drama-free with the girls (shocking, I know!).  WAIT, perhaps I can still think of a few people I can add to this list for MY PHONE!  But seriously this can be very helpful if you have an ex-boyfriend or psycho-girlfriend that you need to block for yourself or your teen.

    Mobile phone parental controls, block calls and text from stalkers, Mobile safety

    It Is NOT One Million Times! This Is Call 87.


    Again, because my kids are pretty close to angelic, I do not have need of the Usage Controls, but WOW would it be helpful for some parents to set limits on the number of hours a teen spends playing games or surfing the internet!  With Verizon’s Usage Controls, you can even set the hours your teen can use their phone (not during school or family vacation time) and a curfew on texting or talking on it!  Okay so you may be damaging the relationship with your teen and will have to pay for therapy later, but at least your teen will have plenty to tell the therapist…it will not be wasted money!



    My favorite feature was the Family Locator.  With our youngest Schrecklet just getting her driver’s license, we have already had a few situations where she was completely lost and couldn’t even tell us where she was so we could guide her home.  We live in a semi-remote area that requires lots of driving and the peace of mind this gives a parent to know your child has arrived at the location they set out for without having to wait for them to send a text telling you they made it (I don’t know why this is so difficult to remember to do) is well worth the $10 extra per month!  Now the only problem is I can no longer tell my husband that I have already left to come and meet him if he can see that I am still at home!  This is a great feature for those who have young cell phone users and want to have the peace of mind knowing they are safely where they are supposed to be.

    Summer phone and online safety for kids, mobile phone controls,

    Let’s Meet In The Middle For Dinner!


    I learned about Service Blocks and thankfully can still take advantage of this one! Kids love custom ringtones, wallpapers and games that each cost a buck or two.  With the Service Blocks feature you can set it so a password must be used before any app or paid service can be downloaded!  (Just paid for that therapy in savings right here).With many phones being able to access the internet, you can also rest assured that your angels wont be able to access inappropriate music, TV and video with the CONTENT FILTERS available here.

So whether you have Verizon or not, and whether you have teens with devices (sounds like a scary movie) or not, take some time to get SCHOOLED on your controls and safety features available through your carrier.  If you are a parent, remember, you need to be smarter than your child, or at least act like it, when it comes to online safety.  I know Verizon even offers classes in most of their larger stores so you can get all the help you need.

Social media and mobile devices are not the area you can stick your head in the sand and pray this phase of your teen’s life passes quickly (although that is desirable at times).  It is your responsibility to help teach them about online safety and this includes all of the devices they use to get there.

So while you are lounging on your private beach this summer, or next to the blow up swimming pool, you now have plenty to read! I would love to hear of any other features or apps you know about to keep families safe while surfing the social web on our mobile devices.  Please share in our comments area here~

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Gina Schreck is the president and chief hooligan at SocialKNX, an interactive media and technology company.  Although we spend our days living and breathing social media, technology makes us giddy and we are each parents looking for ways to teach our children to grow up socially safe and socially savvy!