Who We Are

SynapseConnecting was founded in 1995, bringing marketing and sales strategies to organizations around the globe. But early on we realized no one could pronounce our name, let alone remember it (admit it…you were still trying to figure it out), so in the early 2000’s when the social revolution began to take hold, the company rebranded and SocialKNX was Rebirthed (and thankfully, renamed) in January 2008. We are a premier digital and content marketing agency with a world-class team of community managers and marketing experts, helping organizations build and manage their online brand, as well as manage the daily activities associated with content and digital marketing, such as blogging, email marketing and social community growth and engagement. We do the work that most just don’t have time to do.

SocialKNX was founded on the passionate (and audacious) idea, that as a content marketing agency, we could truly help businesses create awesome content to not just reach existing and potential customers, but that would be so good, those people wouldn’t see it as an interruption, but as helpful and interesting content to consume. We knew that in doing this, a community would be built and our customers’ names would be known, liked, and trusted.

We know the madness that is involved with running a business. You just can’t do it all and yet your content marketing and social media must be managed. Today, like never before, your content is how you get found, and how you engage on social channels is how people develop relationships with you before they ever actually speak to you! We have a team of writers, bloggers, community managers and graphic experts who work to help you connect to your target market and grow your business.  We want you to be so wildly successful that you tell your everyone about us.

The content marketing team at SocialKNX is made up of business-savvy and experienced professionals. We don’t outsource your work overseas (although we are spread across several lakes and swimming pools spanning from California to Chicago and Texas to Washington DC and now we have a team in Canada as well). And we are not just a group of people who take your words and paste them on Facebook or Twitter. Your 16-year-old nephew can do that. We have all been in corporate jobs, most in sales, marketing or communications, and we use these talents and super powers for good…that would be your success!

SEE HOW SOCIAL YOUR BUSINESS IS TODAY BY TAKING THIS SOCIAL SELF-ASSESSMENT (loaded with tips to improve your score…should you need them 🙂

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What It Is We Do

You have enough on your plate and don’t have time stay up on the latest tools and techniques to reach your target market. You want to wave a magic wand and have a large community of potential buyers to communicate with. We’ve heard the cries in the night of worn out business professionals (yes even the best cry these tears), looking for someone to help them with their social media and marketing needs.

As your marketing partners, it is our job to not just know about all these new tools and platforms, but we use them ourselves, testing them, playing with them, seeing which ones make sense for different industries.

We are here to be your advisors, your sounding board and the 10 arms that you wish you had to get everything accomplished that needs to be done with your marketing. We write content, create fabulous graphics, post on your social media platforms, run contests and product launches, listen to what your community is talking about, join in conversations on your behalf, answer questions, grow your communities and even have time to fry bacon up in the pan!