Like great coffee, we love a blend of brilliant, witty, word-crafting content marketing mavens who clients happily depend on to boost their marketing energy each and every day. It’s not what we do that makes us unique, rather how we do it. The skills of our superheroes include corporate communications, PR, marketing, sales, hospitality, analytics, search, business management, graphic design, customer experience management, and web development.

When an organization needs help with their social and content marketing, they aren't looking for an average team or someone to just throw something up on Facebook or Twitter. They have teenaged nephews who can do that. Organizations are looking for experts to help them reach their goals.


Our company is growing and we are always scouting for superstars to join our team. If you love data, love to delight others, and you want to work with a fun and fast-paced team, we want to hear from you! You are a GOOD FIT if:

  • You have experience in account management, customer support or customer service, and understand and pick up technology basics quickly.
  • You LOVE being on the computer and have non-stop, reliable high-speed Internet service (you actually experience symptoms of withdrawal when you're not connected!).
  • You love new technology and get excited about learning new systems, tools, and ways of doing things.
  • You love to write and your grammar and writing skills are top notch. (You find errors in the NY Times articles and probably this website.)
  • You are connected to social communities on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or others and you have obviously already connected with us so we can stalk you like you have stalked us.
  • You delight in going over the top to make people happy. You over – deliver.
  • You consider yourself a problem solver and take initiative to find a solution where others see none.
  • You are comfortable working remote from your home or local coffee house.
  • Others describe you as: reliable, hard worker, honest, trustworthy, problem solver.
  • You are organized with your time and love checklists to ensure you get everything accomplished.

If you can say “YES” to any of the items below… it’s icing on the cake!

  • You have experience with tools like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Bronto.
  • You have experience with Sprout Social or Hootsuite.
  • You have experience with Dropbox.
  • You have a blog that you contribute to, or author on your own.

This position is NOT for you if:

  • If you get easily flustered by a lot of things going on at the same time.
  • If you are an organizational train wreck, forgetting what you had to accomplish each day.
  • If it doesn’t bother you to see someone use the word, “THERE” instead of “THEIR.”
  • If you say you want to join a social media marketing team and yet you aren’t already blogging or actively using social media tools.
  • You're defensive, argumentative, and blame others when things go wrong.
  • You love people but technology freaks you out.
  • You have personal drama. We feel bad for you, but we move too fast for movies!
  • You want a side job to supplement your full time job.

Most positions are virtual (i.e. you can work from home in your sweatpants or superhero PJs if you so desire) with no travel required.

If this position sounds like a great fit for you, please contact us.

Due to the level of responses we receive, we will not be responding to all applicants but if we feel you're a good fit, we'll contact you right away! Be sure to connect via social media too so we can see you in action.