super-heros-on-beach-kids-capes--300x300Our team is made of marketing superheroes. We're not going to lie. We juggle client needs, digital consumers, content deadlines, new social media tools, having to always be “video-ready”, social reviews, our own families, and pets, all without spilling a drop of our precious coffee! Okay, perhaps this is a slight exaggeration. A couple of our team members don't have kids.

We don't work in a silo, we collaborate and brainstorm to bring best practice ideas to you. We celebrate your successes in our offices (we're always looking for a reason to have cake) and tackle tough strategies together. With the brilliant minds on our team, we have your graphics, content creation, marketing expertise, SEO, and web development covered.

Social Media Weekly Checklist


In 1995, Gina Schreck launched, what was then, Synapse Connecting. She thought the name was clever (we knew it was too clever for people to even spell it, let alone remember it). Helping clients with their sales and marketing strategies, Gina and a team of consultants were on the road non-stop working with teams and solopreneurs to help them with their brand, their messaging, to connect with their ideal customers. In the early 2000's when the digital revolution changed the game for everyone, SocialKNX was born!


We didn't just hang a shingle out saying we are digital or social media marketing experts. We live it and breathe it every minute of every day. We have members on our team who came out of large corporate entities as chief revenue officers, marketing directors, PR managers, communications specialists and graphic design wizards. We continue to grow to meet the needs in this ever-changing digital environment. More important than being featured in FastCompany (Gina was recognized as one of the top 50 female influencers on Social Media), US & World Report (social marketing firms helping small businesses compete with the big boys), and a slew of other national publications, our team gets our clients connected with and in front of national media companies who have featured them. Our clients are in Forbes, USA Today, on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and more.

Some of the Awesome Clients We Serve:

Your SocialKNX Team


GIna Schreck social media marketing

Title: President

Social Media Belief: “More Social. Less Media”

Goal: Help companies discover creative ways to use content that draws potential customers in, generating leads for their businesses.

Description: Always looking for new ways to use today's technology to connect and build buiness, Gina is one of the top female social marketing speakers and speaks around the globe at conferences helping organizations understand the impact of today's social and digital revolution on their business. Gina is the author of six books and blogs regularly here to keep her brain from exploding. She is a mother to four tech-savvy children and says she way over-married when she landed the love of her life (Kirk Schreck). Gina spent 10 years in sales and was a Regional Sales Director for a large recruiting firm, Adia (now Addeco), before starting her own company in 1995.

Fun Fact: Gina loves big adventures and aside from skydiving, SCUBA diving, and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, she was once the Colorado state champion in Tae Kwon Do (in the women's over 40 division…shhhhh, no one needs to know that part).

Team Suspects: Gina never sleeps and she probably has a couple avatars doing some of her work.


Title: Chief Operating Officer

Social Media Belief: “Managing your brand through Social Media platforms and developing Content Marketing strategies are no longer a luxury for organizations. They have become essential elements for growing and sustaining a vibrant and relevant business.

Description: Kirk has been on the executive team for several successful start-ups. He was the Chief Operations Officer for HomeAdvisor, a highly profitable $300M business with 1,200 employees across five countries; SVP at HealthGrades which was successfully sold to Private Equity firm Vestar Capital; Chief Revenue Officer at VISANOW where he was recruited by General Catalyst, a top Venture Capital firm (Airbnb, Snapchat, Hubspot) to rapidly scale the organization. He has been responsible for sales, operations, and B2B marketing strategies with each of the businesses. Gina was extremely influential in getting him onboard at SocialKNX to bring his talents and expertise home!

Fun Fact: Kirk is an adrenalin junkie, a martial artist, and is addicted to adventure and obstacle racing. He plans on competing in the World's Toughest Mudder one of these days.

Team Suspects: Kirk is really another Jason Bourne.


Title: Community Growth Expert and Community Manager

Social Media Belief: “What’s the point if your audience isn’t big enough to hear you?”

Goal: To break the internet with the number of Twitter followers she gains for her clients each week!

Description: Cathy’s creativity is as diverse as her professional background. Known to take simple vacation pics and turn them into full-fledged marketing campaigns, Cathy’s marketing and advertising experience in the legal field gives her an edge to know exactly what she CAN get away with. (Her professional MMA fighting husband beats up anyone who says she can’t.) She takes on each account with extreme enthusiasm and learns so much about them, it often surprises the employees at the client site who don’t know as much about the company.

Fun Fact: Cathy has run a couple marathons, multiple ½ marathons and is the most competitive person on the team.

Team Suspects: She has a treadmill at her desk to maximize her training and work.


Title: Onboarding Specialist and Community Manager

Social Media Belief: “Have a plan and a process… then have fun. ”

Goal: International Networking and Socializing doesn’t always involve a plane.

Description: As a Magna Cum Laude graduate in PR and Marketing from Colorado State University, this super fit, brilliant beauty proves that no mix is more powerful than beauty and brains. Her ability to stay on task, help our clients get ramped up and untangle lost passwords as she works with some of or international clients is top notch. When she’s not setting up and writing social marketing plans, she’s helping her entrepreneurial husband with his business as well as playing with their adorable dog, Paisley.

Fun Fact: Brittany teaches Barre fitness classes each week!

Team Suspects: She is actually a robot, or highly evolved life force from another planet.


Title: Community Manager

Social Media Belief: “If you build it, someone better be out there promoting it!”

Goal: Get more dog and other animal videos spread EVERYWHERE.

Description: Our tree-hugging, rock-climbing, world-traveling community manager has a degree in Conservation Biology from Colorado State University and helps us all think green. She loves working with clients to reach their ideal audience and is always showing us the latest technology that the “younger audience members” are using. A true millennial, Taylor doesn’t know of a world without social media, digital technology, or how people can live without Netflix, Snapchat, and YouTube!

Fun Fact: Taylor spent a summer working on a White Rhino preserve and sleeping in a hammock over hippos. She was even chest-bumped by one of the rhinos (who fortunately had his horn filed down to protect him against horrid poachers).

Team Suspects: She is the female Jeff Corwin.


Title: Tech Coach and Community Manager

Social Media Belief: “Make sure the world can find you and your amazing content!”

Goal: Help clients optimize the content on their sites and use social for good and keep our team’s grammar up to par.

Description: With an unyielding passion for Evernote, productivity, and coffee, Deb has been having a glorious love affair with social media (and WordPress, too!) for years. She leaves a little room in her heart for apps, especially new ones in need of TLC. Deb is one of two Grammar-Girls on our team who keep us learning “more better” English! She scares us with her red pen! Deb takes on special blog and web content projects as well as writes some of the great blog posts on our site.

Fun Fact: Deb is featured on an NEAT document scanner commercial.

Team Suspects: She is really a ‘Social Super Spy’ living in D.C.


Title: Community Manager

Social Media Belief: “It's all in the details”

Goal: Pay attention to all the little things that add up to big client success.

Description: This military wife, mother, and marketer runs a tight ship and has an incredible attention to detail. Graduate of Southern Methodist University and the University of Denver, she is passionate about inspiring individuals and companies to learn, find their passion, and grow, through great, well-written content. She writes many of the blogs for our clients.

Fun Fact: She loves to run! She has ridden in a blimp and once went skydiving with her hubby but a sudden storm grounded them (after her husband jumped out of the plane anyway).

Team Suspects: She keeps number 2 pencils sharpened in each room.


Title: Website Development Guru and Head of Website Management Team

Social Media Belief: “Gotta be in it to win it”

Goal: Keep websites in tip top shape. (Beach Body workouts really do the trick!)

Description: Creates, manages, beautifies and tweaks any website and blog he can get his hands on. D-white (as we love to call him) helps develop websites for remarkable clients only – which we happen to believe are all of ours.

He also has to put up with all the crazy SocialKNX team requests and repeatedly fixes what we (usually Gina) repeatedly break.

Fun Fact: Dwight is attempting to summit the 55, 14,000 ft peaks (14-ers) in Colorado before he dies.

Team Suspects: There is some sort of wizardry involved in his work.