The core of your content marketing should be living and breathing on your website. While there is talk that blogging is dead, and the culprit is social media platforms like LinkedIn (with their long form posts), Facebook (with their longer status updates and notes) and even Instagram (where people are posting long blog-like posts along with their photos). We feel strongly that your content should live on your website. Afterall, what if you woke up tomorrow to discover Mark Zuckerberg shut down Facebook and decided to become a monk? It could happen! You need your content on your property and then you use social media platforms to promote it.

The content marketing team at SocialKNX helps you identify your core message, your target market, down to the specific personas we identify, and then we create a galazy of content pieces that revolve around that core. Content pieces include blog posts, video, infographics, tweets, Facebook post, Instagram pics and more. Blog posts serve a very important purpose in your content marketing strategy. Each post is written to tie into your core message and yet address a more specific challenge or answer a more specific question that your target audience is searching for. With a strong call-to-action at the bottom of each blog post, the goal is to pull your target audience further into your content, learning more about you as well as discovering more helpful content on your website and blog.



The SocialKNX content marketing team will work closely with you to gain the insight needed to write regular posts and then create graphics and social media posts that tie together. Like a beautiful galaxy, your content will be endless!

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Leverage SocialKNX blogging services and build your brand's content marketing reach.

Our services range from loading your blogs, editing them and tagging them for maximized SEO results; all the way to actually writing them for you. As an extension of your marketing team, our goal is to understand your brand's voice and your company's core message to then create content that attracts your ideal customer who is searching the web for you!

If you don’t like writing but love chatting? No problem! Let us help you create your content via video and then we can turn that piece of content into sevearl. Our transcription service will turn your video into a blog for your website too and we can pull the audio into a podcast. MAGIC! – Video, Podcasting, and Blogging in one step… and all you have to do is talk.