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Who is Gina?

Gina is an international speaker helping organizations thrive in the midst of our social and digital revolution! Ranked as one of the top 50 women influencers on Social Media by FastCompany, Gina doesn't just talk about content and social marketing…she LIVES IT!


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About Me

Founder of three tech companies, Gina is currently the CEO at SocialKNX, a digital marketing, and social media management agency, as well as the founder of, a business and marketing membership site for entrepreneurs and marketing DIY-ers.

Gina is the host of the weekly podcast, THE JOURNEY which is all about the entrepreneurial journey, she co-hosts the weekly show, WINE DOWN, where marketing and customer experience innovation is the topic dished out with a good serving of wine!  She co-hosted a tech podcast for over 2 years (Schreck-Tech) and is the author of several books, including Gettin' Geeky with Twitter and the soon to be released, Social Media Doesn't Work: Unless You Do!

Gina brings fun examples and relevant information to the audiences she speaks to. She is engaging and highly entertaining.

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Topic: Thriving into The Future

Will you be employable in 5 years? Will Your business be relevant? What are you doing today to stay connected, learning and ahead of the pack? We have seen a radical shift in how people are using technology tools to connect, learn and stay out front as thought leaders. This shift, or revolution, has caused some to dig their heels in and refuse to embrace the new tools, while others are leading the change and rising to the top.

Leaders must stay relevant and show others how to use the tools of the day to recruit and retain top talent. It’s no longer acceptable to “do business the old way” and leaders have to stop allowing those who resist, to hold the company back. Employees and team members must learn to think like entrepreneurs trying new tools and thinking social from the inside out.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • What has changed in this new landscape
  • How (and why) to think “Digital First” within the entire organization
  • How to stand out as an expert resource in your space
  • What is“Social Influence”  and how does it matter in your world?
  • Tapping into the social knowledge pool to keep your skills sharp and share your own expertise
  • Steps to take TODAY for the business and the individuals to survive this digital revolution


Topic: It's Not Going Away

Many of today's leaders are hoping things will go back to the way they used to be, but the consumer has changed and they demand more from businesses and the service level that is provided. Technology has empowered the customer and they have more control than ever before.

Companies and organizations need to realize they must adapt or become extinct!

In this Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • How to appreciate the past and take the good into the future. Values and commitments to customers haven't changed but perhaps how those are delivered are a bit different. Participants will discover how to incorporate the old with the new.
  • The dangers of digging your heels in. Too many people focus on how much they hate the new tech tools that customers use and “those millennials.” But the reality is, we've all changed and adapted. Sadly consumers adapt much faster than organizations, and customer frustration sets in when they see their, once favorite brands, digging their heels in and refusing to change with the times.


Topic: Thriving in a MOBILE WORLD

Today’s leaders and employees are on the go. Work is no longer done sitting behind a desk 8 hours a day. Our new mobile world brings new challenges to working effectively. Come discover valuable technology tools to allow you to stay productive wherever you are. This session will be interactive and you will help us identify the top challenges for working in mobile environment and then we will present solutions, ideas, and best practices.



In This Session Participants Will Learn:

  • What is the best MOBILE hardware: Top tablets, smartphones, and productivity gadgets
  • Which accessories bring serious solutions
  • The top apps for staying productive at home, at work, and on the road
  • Managing your social media and online reputation
  • Efficient and time-saving app solutions for maximizing productivity when managing and operating a business




Doing Social Right: Build Your Business and Manage Your Brand Using Today’s Technology Tools!

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Blab … Just to name a few!
The skills and tools needed to build business yesterday are no longer enough today! Consumers are tech-savvy and very SOCIAL. We have gone from “push” marketing methods, like cold-calling and mailers to “pull” marketing methods using conversations on social media sites and tweets to turn prospects into clients.


  • In This Program Participants Will Learn:
    • How to apply a strategic approach to your social media efforts to build a targeted and engaged community, without letting it consume your life.
    • Developing content strategies & hosting social media events, to learning to listen to your community and monitor what they are interested in
    • Social goes beyond the tweet. It’s no longer enough to “Do Social Media,” now you must know how to “DO SOCIAL RIGHT.”



DEEP DIVE into Strategic Social Marketing: Using Today’s Tools To Build Business

There are so many social tools available today and anyone can become overwhelmed and paralyzed trying to use them all. This program will explore the most popular social media tools and how each is used to build relationships and ultimately, business. From Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, businesses today must understand what the tools are and if their target market is active on the sites.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • How to optimize their personal LinkedIn profiles for greater reach, more powerful marketing and establishing themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
  • What apps to include for maximum marketing power and how often to be “social” on LinkedIn.
  • How to use Facebook for both personal AND professional connections without blurring those lines.
  • How to manage a business page that engages a community of potential clients for you.
  • Why Twitter is the most powerful social sales tool available for anyone in business and how to get on board.
  • How to create lists on Twitter for content that keeps you learning as well as prospects you want to engage and build relationships with.
  • How often to post and how your posts differ on each social channel
  • What is Facebook Live and other streaming video services and how you can use them to add value to your clients.
  • How to think “social” as a business. Everyone can be a content creator and visual storyteller for your business and brand. We will explore Live Streaming, Instagram, SlideShare and Pinterest to discover ways to connect with leads on each visual platform.

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