Post Preview

While most of social media requires spontaneity and quick responsiveness, we can also plan out and allow you to preview most of the content that will be going out on your accounts. We write content in a spreadsheet for you to preview two weeks out, and we have a system for approval and edit requests that make it simple to work with and yet allow for that spontaneous reply to tweets or posts.


Social Posts Per Week

You may want posts going out several times a day or you may want them going out a few times a week. We will write or craft the content to be scheduled on your social media profiles. Whether it is LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or others.


Monitoring and Responding

We won’t just post content and leave. Your community manager will monitor the social web for questions and comments that people post, and reply to further the discussion. This is how relationships are built on your social media accounts.

SocialKNX can help you revise your marketing strategy to factor in social media and use the results to help build your business.

Designated Community Manager

While you will have a team of individuals behind you, you will be assigned a single point of contact at SocialKNX. This community manager will work with you to set goals, grow your community, write social media content, and respond to comments and questions left on your profiles.

Monthly Analysis

You want to know what is working and what isn’t. At SocialKNX, we analyze it all. Your community manager will provide you with monthly reports and go over post performance and web traffic. We can tie into your Google Analytics to provide you with a look at what content is driving traffic to which pages on your site. We measure not just how many likes and fans you gained in a month, but what content is resonating with your audience and what needs to be tweaked.

Reputation Management

What are people saying about you and your brand on or off of your social media accounts. We create a listening dashboard to pull in blog content, tweets, posts and more that have your name, your brand or hot keywords that we are monitoring. We’ll keep our ears to the social grapevine and keep you informed.

Accelerated Community Growth

While we know that being active on social media will automatically draw more fans and followers to your pages and profiles, we also know that if we strategically spend time finding, following, and engaging the right people in conversations on social media, you will grow your social communities much faster. Our goal is to find and follow 200 new contact for your account to net at least 100 new fans and followers each week.

PR Opportunities

Getting you in front of the media and letting them see your expertise is one of our goals. We want the world to know more about you and what you are doing. When we learn about media opportunities, we either pitch you to them, or bring the opportunity to you for a quick response. We also use social media to connect with the media outlets to build the kind of relationship that shows them what you are an expert in. When they have a need in your area of expertise, we want them thinking of you first.


Most social media platforms allow us to use geo-targeting to find and connect with your ideal audience. We can see who is talking about your industry in a specific radius (example: who is talking about buying a home within 25 miles of the 80125 zip code?). This allows us to jump in on conversations to offer solutions, expertise or just connect with them for future needs. It’s pretty amazing!

Section 2
Increase KLOUT Score

While using a Klout score to determine someone’s influence level is somewhat debatable, we know that many will look at your Klout score on social media to determine whether you are indeed the expert you say you are. Klout scores are a cumulative score that takes into account the size of your networks, the number of people who share your content and the number who engage with you. We work daily to connect you to those who are influencers and those who will engage with you to increase your influence or Klout!

Walking About

On any social media platform, the key is not how much you broadcast your content, but how much you walk about on other people’s accounts and comment or engage in what they are talking about. The more you pay attention to what your community is saying, the more they will care about what you are saying and the more they will be inclined to build that desired relationship that translates into business. We spend time daily, walking about to build those important relationships and invite more people to come and learn more about you!

Social Thanks

When someone becomes a super fan, sharing your content, talking about how much they love working with you, or giving you a compliment, you want to reach out and thank them. This can be a simple message of thanks or we can buy them a virtual cup of coffee on your behalf as an example of how we encourage fan engagement and appreciation.

Use of Our Photo Library

SocialKNX maintains a very large database of photos that we purchase monthly. There is no need for you to purchase photos for your social media posts, we will do that for you.

Competitive Analysis

Do you want to know how your business is stacking up against your competitors on social media? We watch what they are doing and keep you informed. We also let that spur us on to keep you out in front!

Profile Optimization

Making sure you and your business profiles are findable is very important on the social web. We help optimize each of your profiles to ensure they have keywords and search terms people are looking for. We will add rich media where allowed to make your profiles stand out and get the attention they deserve.