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Makers Mark Learns To Listen To The Social Consumer

First, let’s establish this about marketing: At one time, marketing was more of a one-way street. The industry/merchant/retailer/service provider interrupted the potential buyer to convince them to purchase/use their product.

One-way marketing approaches no longer convince; they annoy. Marketing to your audience today requires an element of relationship building. And it is about interacting with them.

In the case of the company Maker’s Mark, two-way interaction recently meant hearing from their customers and using that input to change the path they were on. Forbes recently reported that the company’s plan to dilute its bourbon received tremendous negative feedback from their customers. Not only did Maker’s Mark listen, they accepted the feedback on their brand and reversed their decision. Alcohol content will stay the same – despite supply problems.  And, they apologized. 

Remember, it’s about relationship. How did Maker’s Mark reach its customers to offer what Forbes termed a “classy apology”? How did they direct people there? Facebook and Twitter

On February 17, Maker’s Mark COO and Chairman Emeritus posted a letter to ‘friends’ on Facebook. They wrote: You spoke. We listened. And we’re sincerely sorry we let you down.

It’s relational. It’s social. It’s a great example of how to use Facebook and Twitter for marketing.

The Washington Post asked young entrepreneurs how they use both of these social networks in their marketing.

Responses included:

  • Sharing useful information, information that is on-brand and fun (often inviting input/interaction/gaming), and to announce special opportunities.
  • Provide educational content (well-informed followers make better buyers), photos of work outputs, offer samples and promotions.
  • Share high-value content and offer new programs.

Consider how you can use Facebook and Twitter for marketing – for building that interactive, communicative relationship with your clients. We’d love to help. Contact us to find out how.