So you have more time than money at this point in your business and you know there is a lot to do in the area of digital and social media marketing. You have your Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the myriad of other social platforms but you want a little assistance or direction to get your business and your online community growing. We have loads of tips, tools and resources to help you take your business to that next level. Be sure to jump over to our Facebook Group–> DIYsocial to get all of your questions answered and pick up more tips and tools from the group.

Whether you are looking for articles, video tips, eBooks or social marketing coaching – we’ve got you covered!

Are You New to Twitter?

We have a resource guide to help you start STRONG and build an authentic following to build your business!



  • How to craft a winning profile to entice people to connect
  • Where to find the right people to connect with
  • How to craft content that draws people in and leave them wanting more.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Activities For Social Media

So often we get stuck and just need someone to point us in the right direction. There are tasks that need to be done each day, each week, and each month on your social media channels to build your community and your business.

We’ve created a checklist to keep you on track and let you be the BOSS you were meant to be!

SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN'T WORK... unless you do

DIGITAL DARWINISM: When technology is advancing faster than people can keep up. That’s the time we are living in today. Marketing continues to evolve as our tech-savvy consumers force us to move from collecting fans and followers to connecting with people through meaningful conversations. In the thorough, but relatable, Social Media Doesn’t Work … unless you do, Gina Schreck gives you the tools and the techniques to help you stop wasting time on social media channels and connect with your ideal customer, turning LIKES into LEADS and LEADS into DOLLARS. Whether you are just starting out marketing your business and feel completely lost, or you’ve grown weary of these new tools not working for you, Schreck lays out the tools, the tweaks, and even specific activities to get you moving in the right direction.



Brand Style Guide Resource

Your brand is how people FEED when they see anything you put out–your logo, your business card, your social media posts. Don’t leave that to chance. By being strategic and intentional, you will create a FEELING with each piece of content you create.


  • Discover the important elements that go into your BRAND
  • Create a style guide with our easy template
  • Be consistent with graphics and photos

20 Types of facebook Posts to Increase Engagement

Trying to think of what to post on your social media channels day-after-day can be exhausting! We’ve created a guide that will give you ideas, templates, and examples of posts you can use on Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

7 Tips to Create a Rocking Linkedin Profile

You have two major objectives on LinkedIn–To be FINDABLE and to STAND OUT! This guide will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for both.


  • How to optimize the important sections of your profile to come up more often in searches
  • How to maximize every character in the sections
  • How to add media to your profile for BIG impact
  • How often to post articles and posts to stay in front of your ideal audience
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