DIY.social is a 6-week interactive training program that teaches smart and effective marketing and business strategies for small and large businesses alike. This program will give you the tools, resources, and support you need to implement each lesson and get all of your questions answered along the way. SocialKNX is an agency that has been helping companies manage their digital marketing needs for over 10 years and now we want to pass our best practices on to those who just want to do it themselves.


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Whether you own your own business, or you are the one responsible for marketing for someone else, you have a lot on your plate and trying to figure out the ever-changing aspects of social media is the last thing you have time to do. You know you have customers on social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat, but you are not sure how to build an engaged community and generate leads for your business.

You may have been using social media for a few years but it’s been more recreational…you know, throw a post up on Facebook or Twitter once in awhile and call it good. Now you are wondering how to actually make it work for you. Well, how would you like to sit down with a coach one-on-one each week to learn the tips and tools to create your social marketing strategy, set things up correctly and get social media working as hard for you as you work on it?

DIY.social was designed for YOU! This course will teach you everything from how to build a community, create lead magnets that you promote through social channels to build your email list, creating amazing graphics, tools to help you get more done in less time, and more.


Things are always changing in the content and social marketing space, so this program will be updated regularly and you will receive even more value the longer you are in this program and the DIY.social Exclusive Facebook Group. Here is just the beginning of what you will learn:

  1. Develop your content and social marketing strategy

    • Instead of jumping into every social platform that comes along, start by identifying your target market and which platforms they are most active on.
    • Scope out your competition to see where they are active.
    • Start with your core message and develop content pieces that will be used for lead generation, posts and more.
  2. Set up and use a content calendar

    • Whether you have a team of people helping to create content or you are flying solo, a content calendar will help you bring focus and consistency to your social marketing.
    • Add fun holidays and other important events to ensure you capitalize on opportunities to connect with your audience.
  3. Use (or set up) your blog to be a super source for lead generation and social media content.

    • Learn the basics of blogging and how it ties into your social marketing strategy.
    • Get creative to have a constant source of blog post ideas.
  4. Unleash the power of video blogging (vlogging), live streaming and other scary terms.

    • Video allows people to get to know you and your brand. It helps you build rapport with your audience before they ever do business with you.
    • Learn the top tips and tools for creative more engaging video content.
  5. Create killer profiles on each social platform.

    • Be FINDABLE, Be DIFFERENT, and for goodness sake, show some PERSONALITY!
    • Optimize your LinkedIn profile; utilize all the features available on your Facebook profile and create bios that entice people to want to know more about you.
  6. Top tips for setting up your profiles and accounts.

    • Create your unique URLs for each social media platform.
    • What you need to know about passwords and how to keep them safe
    • Learn when it makes sense to link accounts and when to leave them separated.
    • Merge or close down old and random accounts that are floating out there with your brand name on them.
    • Set up your social platforms the right way and you won’t have to worry about personal and business crossing paths. Yes there is a RIGHT and WRONG way.
  7. Keep your online community growing.

    • “If you build it they will come” does NOT apply to your social marketing accounts. It takes daily work (and a wee bit of automation) to keep your accounts growing.
    • Discover the tools to help you keep your online community growing.
  8. Write great posts for your social profiles.

    • Social media posts require different writing skills that most web content. You need to be INTERESTING, be HELPFUL, or be QUIET.
    • Discover tips to write better posts.
  9. Create fabulous visuals for your social marketing.

    • With so much content flying past your customer’s eyeballs, you need to make sure your content stands out. Great visuals are critical to your success today.
    • Discover the tools to turn you into a top-notch graphic artist.
    • Learn where to get great images…free and paid.
  10. Learn the importance of frequency and timing.

    • Posting once a week or haphazardly will not grow your social channels. Discover the direct correlation between frequency and account growth.
    • Use tools to help you increase your frequency and keep good evergreen content in circulation without having to think about it.
    • Use analytics to find the best time of day to share your best content.
  11. Use analytics to do more than just measure numbers.

    • Learn to use analytic tools to make decisions and constant improvement each month.
  12. Set alerts and notifications to be able to respond to customer questions and comments faster.

    • Monitoring your brand across all social channels takes more than just seeing who has sent you a message. Learn to use Google Alerts, and other social monitoring tools to keep your ear to the social grapevine.
  13. Look at reviews as an opportunity to grow and show appreciation for the feedback people give you.

    • Whether your business uses Yelp!, TripAdvisor, Google for Business, Facebook and Twitter or any other review site, you must learn to respond quickly and with outstanding customer service skills.
    • Discover the keys to handle difficult social media interactions before they blow up.
    • Know in advance, which platforms allow you to hide comments, delete comments or make you simply suck it up and take the blows.
  14. Deal with trolls and online hecklers with care to avoid becoming a social media case study.

    • We’ve all seen them, and for some sick reason, we love it when it happens to others, but you must avoid certain online behaviors that will get you written up as an example of what NOT do to on social media.
    • Whether it’s an unhappy customer that pulls their friends and family into the situation, or simply someone trying to test you and your brand by pushing your buttons, know when to respond, when to walk away, and when to block and report someone.


The DIY.social training is released in weekly modules for easy implementation and includes videos, worksheets, templates, tip sheets and even fun-facts on social and content marketing. You will be encouraged to share your weekly goals and items you are working on in our exclusive DIY.social Facebook Group so we can help hold you accountable and ensure your success. You can ask your questions here as well as share success stories and glean ideas from others in the group.

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What can you expect in the DIY.social MASTERY program?

  • Immediate access to our exclusive Facebook Group to get all of your questions answered by our team of experts.
  • 12 modules delivered over 6-weeks via video, worksheets and study guides. The content is sent each week to watch when you want and as often as you need to watch it.
  • Homework assignments to ensure you take action and start to see results immediately. Our DIY.social membership group will help to keep you accountable and to allow you to ask questions as you go.
  • Content galaxy template to layout your content plan.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly checklists to keep you on track.
  • The “BIG TOOLS LIST” is a collection of our industry tools that will help you get the work done in less time.
  • Guidebooks for the top social media platforms for further learning.
  • Ongoing support through the DIY.social Member's Group for as long as you want it
  • Discounts on any future DIY.social program.

What do you get in the DIY.social MASTERY PLUS ONE-ON-ONE program?

  • Our DIY.social MASTERY PLUS package gives you everything listed above in the MASTERY program as well as a  one-on-one coaching session to assess where you are currently, go over your specific business objectives and give you specific suggestions to improve your marketing strategy. This one-on-one time can be scheduled anytime, before, during, or after the MASTERY program.


“I’ve been using social media for years in my business with no clue of what I was doing. This course helped me put a strategy in place and a plan to start making sense of everything.”

~John Apadaca

coaching for social media marketing

“We are a small business and our team has not been the most ‘tech-savvy.’ We knew we needed to be using social media but we just didn’t know how. We learned so much going through the DIY program and started making changes and progress the very first week. Thank you.”

~ Mike Keller and KT Kitchen and Bath

coaching for social media marketing

“This course was packed with so much How-To information. I loved all the helpful tools and tricks. I truly got 10 years of knowledge downloaded to my brain in 6 weeks. I am so grateful for the wonderful training and the ongoing support.”

~Kim Malloy, Training Consultant

coaching for social media marketing

“Our fitness studio staff went through the training and now we subscribe to the content and I can’t tell you how nice it is not to worry about what to post. We have our strategic and promotional items, but our social community loves the posts we got from the DIY content team. You save us over 10 hours a week!”

~Ellen T

coaching for social media marketing

We've worked with Gina and the team at SocialKNX to train and coach us on social media strategy, hired them again to produce high-value content and hired them on an ongoing basis to think for us in those areas that aren't our expertise. I can sleep at night because Gina and her crew are up ALL NIGHT working on my behalf. ~John Sileo, Sileo Inc., Cyber Security and Identity Theft Expert

coaching for social media marketing