As thought-leaders you need to let the world know about your expertise through your social media channels, and especially those who can book you, buy your products and services, or the media outlets that can get you featured everywhere you want to be.

We help you manage your social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and of course depending upon your target audience, you may need campaigns on Instagram, Pinterest or even Snapchat!

At SocialKNX we aim to be your marketing partner and do so with your voice and message emblazoned across our chest! We dig deep into your content, studying the language or tone you use, the personality you wow an audience with and even the quotes and phrases you say most often.

We help you craft social media content including blog posts, email campaigns, tweets, and other posts. Our goal is that you feel as if you walked into CHEERS everywhere you go—Everybody knows your name and has read your latest post!

We connect you to a larger audience on your social media channels by being out there and engaging in conversations (Liking, sharing and RTing content) for you with the brands you most want to get the attention of.

For information on package pricing or a la carte services, contact us!