Work at SocialKNX



What’s SocialKNX all about?

When an organization needs help with their social and content marketing, they aren’t looking for an average team or someone to just throw something up on Facebook or Twitter. Organizations are looking for experts to help them reach their goals. We do this by collaborating and brainstorming to bring best practice ideas to each of our clients. We don’t just hang a shingle out saying we are digital and social media experts- we live and breath it every minute of every day. We continue to grow to meet the needs in this every-changing digital environment.




What’s the team at SocialKNX like?

Like great coffee, we love a blend of brilliant, witty, word-crafting content marketing mavens. And we won’t lie- our team is comprised of superheroes. We juggle client needs, digital consumers, content deadlines, families and pets- all without spilling a drop of our precious coffee! We are always collaborating and brainstorming to bring best practice ideas to our clients. And because we are always looking for a reason to have cake- we celebrate your successes and tackle tough strategies together!


Marketing Specialist

Are you extremely detailed and organized? Do you like to be part of a fun team that works both at home and in the office? If so, then our Marketing Specialist position might be the fit for you! We love processes that help us reduce wasted time and searching for things. We strive not to just do a mediocre job for our clients, but to DELIGHT THEM!

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