The Perils of Perfectionism in Marketing: 5 Facts that Will Motivate You and 4.5 Steps to Recovery

The Perils of Perfectionism in Marketing: 5 Facts that Will Motivate You and 4.5 Steps to Recovery

perfectionism in marketing

We all know that perfectionism, while it has its merits, holds us back from making the progress in our business and in our lives that we truly want and need to make. Perfectionism in marketing is death. Death to progress and eventually to your business. I have to admit, not with any sense of pride mind you, but I have never had to worry about the negative effects of being a perfectionist. I have been a self-proclaimed slacker-mom, rusted trophy-wife, and a fly-by-the-seat of my pants entrepreneur. Always biting off more than I can chew and figuring out how to survive as I choked it down. Let’s just say, I have no shame in my game!

So I am not going to sit here and tell you how I overcame my struggle as a recovering perfectionist. But I am going to tell you that in my 22 years of being in business, helping people with their marketing, I have seen the carnage that perfection leaves in its path. I’m going to give you some facts that will help motivate you to let go a bit with your marketing and then 4 and ½ steps to help you recover, make more progress, and grow your business!  Why the ½? Well it’s so perfectly IMPERFECT!

Let’s get a few things out so we can build your motivation for seeing the need to let go of the neat lines and perfect circles:

  • Perfectionism kills creativity and can completely cripple your ability to get ideas out and move your business forward.
  • Today’s pace is faster than ever. We can’t wait months to get a piece of content created. Many times, we need it in hours or days.
  • Marketing is all about testing. Testing means you have to produce multiple products, videos, lead magnets, blog posts, etc. to… TEST.  You have to release something to the world before you can truly know what your audience wants. Then you can make adjustments based on the feedback you get. If the only feedback you have is coming from your head, you might spend months on something and then release it to crickets! If it takes you MONTHS before you can get one item completed, the only thing you will test is your patience.

Perfectionism in marketing
You may say you don’t want to put anything out unless it “looks professional” or is “professionally created.”  There is absolutely nothing wrong with things looking professional if it can be done in a realistic time frame. There is nothing wrong with something being created by a professional, as long as they don’t cause said professional to age 12 years working with you because of all of your “small edits.” If you can’t get something out because you are waiting on the graphic designer to return the 87th version of a 2 page PDF, you need therapy…and now the poor graphic designer does too!

Video is one of the hottest marketing tools you have today and yet video is a big hurdle for many perfectionists because there are just so many areas where perfection is nearly impossible. You may want to wait to do videos until you have the perfect equipment. You will of course then need to put it off until you are at your perfect weight and have made an appointment with your hairdresser to get those highlights looking perfect. Then, of course you will need the perfect day when you got the perfect amount of sleep so you look…PERFECT. (I think this could be the beginning of a children’s book… If you give a perfectionist a project.) Let the real YOU shine through. Instead of trying to create a perfectly produced video of you sharing your expertise, imagine sitting across from a friend over coffee and sharing these nuggets of wisdom. Be THAT you on video. It is so much more enjoyable to watch and learn from someone who is REAL like the rest of us.    

More motivation here:

  • Overly produced videos do not do as well as raw footage of the real you when trying to build relationships with an online audience. When people see a very nice “commercial” of you and your product, they see you trying to sell them something. When they see you giving tips, information, or advice with nothing but you and the camera, you become more real and approachable…Even with bags under your eyes! Your imperfections create likability and build trust.
  • Authenticity comes from showing your imperfections.  We want to see the real you not the overly produced you. This doesn’t mean your videos have to be unprofessional, it just means they don’t have to be perfect. You may find after you record your video that a piece of your hair was sticking up like Alfalfa, the entire time. You may start a live broadcast a few minutes late because there were technical glitches. You may be recording a video and you forget something you were going to say next. You may be in the middle of a live video stream and your dog will bark…or all three of them will suddenly go NUTS…all hypothetical examples of course! This is REAL LIFE. What would happen if you were face-to-face with someone and these things happened? You would keep going.

So let’s get to the 4 ½ steps to help you tousel your hair a bit and start producing more marketing content to build your business.

Perfectionism in marketing

  1. Get rid of “All or Nothing” thinking.

    Remember, in marketing your goal is to produce regular content to TEST. You have to let go of the thinking that gets you stuck, or paralyzed. “If I can’t get more people connecting with our brand on social media, then I don’t want to put together the slides for the webinar we were supposed to do. And if I can’t do the slides, then there is no point for me to schedule a weekly Facebook live.” “If I can’t get the graphic artist to get this image just right, I don’t want to put out the blog post.”  Put the blog post out with a regular image and you can always go in and swap it out later if you wanted. Aim for PROGRESS, not perfection. You need to TEST, TEST, TEST.

  2. Use tools and then TRUST the tools.

    If you find yourself frustrated trying to get your marketing pieces looking professional but can’t do it yourself or your budget can’t afford the cost of having a graphic artist do 87 revisions, check out some of these tools:  Beacon for creating tip sheets, resource guides, and even eBooks. Typepad or for creating quizzes. Tools like Canva can help you create infographics or graphics to promote the tip sheets and guides you’ve created. (See our post on Create Lead Magnets for more information.) And if you want a video tool to send out videos in emails check out LOOM, a free Chrome extension that allows you to record just you, or you showing your screen. This tool is free for videos under 10 minutes.

  3. Go for 80% Done.

    A good friend of mine (and client), Toni Newman, is a recovering perfectionist as well. Someone told her that she needed to use the 80% rule because her 80% good enough is still 100% enough for everyone else. I love this. If you think you must have 10 pages on your whitepaper before it can be complete, let it go when you have 8. If you think your blog post has to have exactly 1,400 words before it can be published, wrap it up at …. 1,120 (full disclosure… I had to ask Alexa what 80% of 1400 was, whereas I should have said “wrap it up when you are around 1,000 words”). Just learn to let go a little sooner and watch how the world keeps spinning and you get more accomplished.

  4. Allow yourself to be a beginner.

    Especially when it comes to using new tools like podcasting or social video!   It’s ok to let your audience know you are using a new tool, or finally working up the courage to use live video. Not only will people be ok with it, they will often cheer you on and offer words of encouragement. This transparent confession also makes you much more LIKEABLE.

    4 ½.  GET STARTED!

    That 1st step is the only huge one. Once you commit to doing it—putting yourself out there—getting that first blog post written and published, or that first video done and out to the world, you will find that each one following gets easier and BETTER! I used to tell my youngest daughter, also a perfectionist, that she can’t start something as an expert. Experts become experts by being beginners who kept doing something over and over. You can’t get GREAT until you GET STARTED!

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Do you have tips that have helped you overcome your need for perfectionism in your marketing? Do share below. And if you’d like to hear a Facebook LIVE that we did on this very topic with one of our Group members, Elizabeth Suarez, check out the video below (and you will hear dogs going crazy!)


Live Streaming Interview Style with What you need to know

Live Streaming Interview Style with What you need to know

facebook live streaming how to use live streaming

Everyone is talking about live streaming and especially on Facebook, with Facebook Live events. You may not feel ready to fly solo just yet on a broadcast. Perhaps doing live streaming interview style with a co-worker, or an expert in your industry would help ease you into the whole live streaming world, but Facebook hasn’t opened up the multi-user feature on their live streaming product yet, so what else can you do?

There are a few tools out that allow you to connect with another presenter and pull both of your video feeds into Facebook to “go live.” One of the tools we recently tested and really like is

Here’s why we like

  1. Super easy to set up and use. No bulky client to download or equipment to purchase. Simply sign up, connect to your Facebook account and schedule your first event. Once it is scheduled, you will be given a link to send to anyone you want to join you as a guest or co-host. Anyone else can watch and participate in your event through chat. There is no limit there.
  2. The cost right now is …FREE (They are officially still in BETA and therefore offering it free for now. When they start charging a fee, I am guessing it will be under $40 a month to stay in line with other similar tools).


Tips to Keep in Mind as the Host of the BeLive Event for Facebook Live:

  1. You can have one guest, or co-host, with the host on screen at a time (two people total). I have read that they are working on the ability to add more, but as of March 2016, you and one guest will be shown on screen.
  2. You can have multiple guests slotted in your event as long as you have given the link to join you on screen and guest number one drops off or hangs up before guest two joins in. So if you had 4 people to interview in one show, you could schedule them all back to back and have them watching the live stream so you could direct the next guest to join in.
  3. You do not have to have a guest. You may want to just host a BeLive Q&A session or fly solo to discuss something that is on your mind or share tips. Using the BeLive platform allows you to schedule (something you cannot do at this time through Facebook), as well as have very nice features such as adding your name and company in the lower third of your screen (see names in lower third of screen) and pulling questions that are asked in chat, onto the screen to feature them.Facebook Live events using
  4. Speaking of questions. During your event, any questions or comments that are typed into Facebook by your viewers are seen inside the BeLive platform. You can simply click on a question or comment to have it pop onto the screen as you answer it. (See Sarah’s comment below) The key to remember is to click it again when you are finished to take it off the screen so it doesn’t cover your lower-third name tag.Live streaming interview style on Facebook live
  5. works best in Chrome browser, so be sure and have that downloaded prior to beginning the setup.
  6. Have your guests run a test with you before the show to ensure their video and audio is set up correctly. If you have one guest, simply have them join you in the BeLive platform 15-30 minutes prior to run the tests. If you have more than one guest, you have to run these tests one at a time.
  7. The only equipment needed would be a computer with a video camera and microphone or smartphone. You may want to use a microphone/headset to plug in for improved audio. TIP (from experience): Do not use a microphone-only plugin as it could affect your ability to hear your guest. Since the microphone is usually plugging into the headset jack. It is fine if you don’t need to hear anyone else speaking, but in this case, use a headset with a mic built in.
  8. You can schedule your event to broadcast into your personal profile, a group or a business page you manage.Live streaming interview style use on Facebook Live
  9. When you schedule your event, notifications, as well as subsequent reminders, are sent automatically, which is wonderful!


Tips for the Guest Coming on

  1. You will be sent a link to click on the day of the event. Log in a few minutes early (if not several minutes early to practice) and test your microphone and video.
  2. Do a quick check of your surroundings. You will be on camera and you may want to tidy up around you or be sure there is no confidential information that will appear onscreen.
  3. You must have a Facebook account to participate. pulls your name and info from Facebook, at this time, in order to connect you.
  4. Using Chrome browser is recommended, if not required. Do not wait until the day of the event to download Chrome.
  5. Just like the host, the only equipment needed would be a computer with a video camera and microphone or smartphone. You may want to use a microphone/headset to plug in for improved audio. TIP (from experience): Do not use a microphone-only plugin as it could affect your ability to hear your guest. Since the microphone is usually plugging into the headset jack. It is fine if you don’t need to hear anyone else speaking, but in this case, use a headset with a mic built in.
  6. As you are logging in for the first time, you will see a notification “Do you want to allow BeLive access to your microphone and camera.” This is a small message that will appear but watch for it. If you click away or click NO, your computer audio and video will not work. You want to allow the tools to use your camera and microphone. Don’t worry, they won’t snap any selfies on their own.
  7. Be sure to have strong internet connectivity or strong cell service if you are participating from your phone. Just like using Skype, Facetime or any other live video tool, your internet connectivity is crucial to a smooth live streaming experience.
  8. Have fun! Your personality is what will make the event fun for the viewers. Relax and don’t try and be scripted. Bullet points are fine but don’t read your answers onscreen.

So how do you begin? Can you test this before you schedule your first public event? Yes. Go in and schedule an event you will see at the bottom a TESTING ONLY-DO NOT POST option. This will allow you to get comfortable with the features before diving in.

If you need more tips on creating better social videos, be sure and download “3.5 STEPS and 8 TIPS for BETTER SOCIAL VIDEOS”

Tips for doing live streaming video

Connect with us on any social channel or join our business building group on Facebook. I look forward to connecting!


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Getting Over the Fear of Using Video in Your Marketing

Getting Over the Fear of Using Video in Your Marketing

I’m still somewhat amazed, and yet completely understand when I see how few use video in their marketing. Video is one of the most powerful forms of content, whether it’s part of a webinar, a podcast, a live-streaming message or event, or simply a way to deliver a great piece of content. Video allows you to connect with your audiences like text and photos cannot. So why aren’t more businesses using this medium? Here is the Facebook LIVE from yesterday where we discussed this very topic:

One thing to keep in mind as you consider incorporating video is that a “presentation” means you are rehearsed and you might feel more pressure to be perfect! A conversation means you are just chatting with your audience about something that is on your heart or mind. People would rather learn from a conversation than an overly produced presentation. Relax and just talk to your audience.

Don’t over-complicate things. Start with very simple equipment such as your smartphone, laptop or computer with a webcam. After a few videos, you will see if you need to add a new microphone or a new location that is more visually appealing. Perhaps you add a desk lamp in front of you for better lighting, but don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need it ALL before you get started.

so turn on that camera and GET STARTED! 


Download our TIPS for Creating Better Social Video 

tips for social video marketing

Some of the resources mentioned:

The iOgrapher (on Amazon) – Be sure to get the one that fits your model of phone!

The lavalier mic (with a 20-foot cord – from Amazon) – There are others with shorter cords but give yourself the freedom to step back or move around.

Here is how I was set up with the iOgrapher. I had the feed coming through on my iMac behind the phone/camera so I could see comments easier and just to make sure it was rolling fine.

Facebook Live for social media marketing


Live Streaming with Meerkat and Periscope: What You Need to Know to Start Using These New Apps

live streaming apps Meerkat Periscope

I’m sure you were just saying, “I wish I had another app that I had to use in my marketing mix!” HA! 

Just when you think you can’t add another tool to your marketing toolbox, along comes not one, but two new live-streaming apps, Meerkat and Periscope. While these new live streaming apps may not be for everyone, if you are ready to add a little fun into your marketing, you might want to take a look at how you can incorporate one of these new tools. 

You definitely don’t need both of them; that would be like having two calendar apps on your phone. So lets talk about the differences and how you can use them. Before clicking that live stream button, you should first ask yourself how this fits into your marketing strategy and brand image. What kind of content will you share that is interesting and helpful to your targeted audience? I’ll give you some ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.

Think of it as Instagram video or Vine, but LIVE and interactive. Instagram or Vine videos allow you to record and share right away and then people can comment on the video. This is LIVE. LIVE means there is no editing, and when a random heckler throws a curveball question out, everyone sees it. You must be prepared to handle these with speed and with grace. Being quick on your feet is an important skill. Like taking questions during a live webinar or web streaming event. You need to know which responses to simply ignore and which ones to highlight.

How are Meerkat and Periscope the Same?

Both of these services are for live broadcasting only. (Have I mentioned you are LIVE?) On Meerkat, once you are finished, the stream is over. It is not automatically saved anywhere. Periscope allows you to replay for 24 hours. If you want to archive your event, try using something like Google Hangouts on Air. Your recording is automatically loaded to YouTube for eternal viewing…or as long as you have a YouTube account! Because of this short lifespan, you will want to promote your broadcast beforehand to attract the audience you want to attend. Currently both of these apps are for iOS only (iPhone users, or of course, iPad users can download them if you look under iPhone apps), and I’m sure it won’t be long for the Android stepchildren to get the app. 

How are Meerkat and Periscope Different?

While Meerkat came out first and got lots of techie love at SXSW this year, Periscope is owned by Twitter and incorporates into your Twitter account, letting you easily connect with anyone you are already connected with on Twitter. Meerkat takes a bit more work to build your following.  Meerkat lets you schedule your event and Periscope is more spontaneous…currently. Meerkat is over when it’s over. Periscope lives for 24 hours to replay before it vanishes. We will probably see this expand as the services get more subscribers and they get more  

Currently both have notification settings that are all or nothing. Annoying for sure. You hear bells and whistles when someone you are following goes live. I believe this will quickly change as we all start live streaming to the teams at Meerkat and Periscope with our feedback!

As with most new toys…I mean tools, we will see these evolve and as users get creative with the many uses of them, we will see an unlimited number of ways we can use live streaming in our business.  Here are a few “idea-starters” but I would love for you to throw a few more into the comments. Let’s see how many we can come up with. 

How can you use Meerkat or Periscope for your business?

  1. Bring your followers on a tour of your office.
  2. Introduce your followers to your team members. an expert, or even your doorman! 
  3. Bring your followers on a walk through your neighborhood.
  4. Bring your followers shopping with you and get their input on what you should buy.  Hmmm could be great for indecisive shoppers. 
  5. Bring your followers to an event you are attending.
  6. Show your followers a behind the scene peek of something you are working on before it is ready to reveal to the rest of the world- Great for building anticipation.
  7. Share new inventory with your followers before the doors open. 
  8. Take your followers on a tour of your favorite store and show them items you recommend.
  9. Teach your followers how to cook your favorite meal or prepare your healthy morning shake.
  10. Review a product that you are taking out of the box and sharing your thoughts on.
  11. Teach your followers how to organize a space. 
  12. If you create podcasts or video products, share with your followers how you set up.
  13. Share with your followers your writing process and show your favorite writing spots. While you’re at it, get blogging ideas from your followers.
  14. Let your followers decide what which product you should run a special on for the month. You show and let THEM tell.
  15. Do a book review. Think show and tell or 4th grade book report.
  16. Do a BIG REVEAL! Are you ready to announce something big? Live stream your reveal.
  17. Q&A session. Perhaps you select an evening each week or month to answer questions about your products or services.
  18. Take your followers with you around the world. When you are traveling, be a tour guide and share a bit of your experiences with your followers.
  19. Show your followers what is in your bag! What are your “must-have” travel accessories or tips for packing effectively.
  20. Show your followers how you apply makeup or do a new hairstyle (this is for the very brave).
  21. Take your followers to an amusement park and let them decide which ride you should go on and then if you are really brave and have a killer grip on your phone, take your followers on the ride. I just don’t know if your followers will want to stand in line with you!
  22. Take your followers on a field trip to see how donuts are made or how coffee is roasted (I saw this on Meerkat and it was very therapeutic 



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