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So you have booked a weekend get-away at a boutique hotel.  You are excited about it and of course you post on Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends all about it.

When you arrive you are greeted by the front desk manager who hands you a welcome basket of oranges and says, “We heard you like oranges and don’t you love Jason Mraz?”  You notice the song, “I’m Yours” playing in the lobby.  Are you CREEPED OUT or feeling like a VIP?  What if they didn’t say anything but hearing your favorite music playing in the room and finding a wonderful citrus fruit basket on the nightstand, you suddenly felt this hotel was just your style?

Social media and social media marketing allows us to connect and engage with our customers BEFORE they actually engage with us.  Some find this creepy and some companies do it so well that the customer is blown away.  If you are a realtor and you begin a relationship with potential clients before they are in the market to buy a home, you can learn enough about them to then customize the buying experience (A craft room with a big table for gift wrapping that you know they have dreamed of, or  yellow rose bushes like her grandmother’s, planted in the backyard of a home that happens to smell like lavender).

Listening is one of the most powerful things you can do on social media sites.  Listen and and see what you can learn.  Here are 3 tips to connect with potential customers as you avoid being seen as a CREEPER:

  1. Create a “Potential Client” list on Twitter and add people to this list as you connect and find that they are good leads. Using a monitoring dashboard like Hootsuite, you can create a column that displays the tweets of those in your list to see what they talk about, what interests them and what needs they have that your business can help with.
  2. Engage in conversations, don’t just sit silently jotting down everything they tweet or post (Creeper behavior). If they are talking about going to their favorite play in town, ask about the play after, or ask if they have dinner plans and then mention you have a coupon to a fabulous dinner spot you know of across the street from the theater.    
  3. Invite your prospects to try your product, service or business with a special promotion created JUST FOR THEM.  Make it exclusive and do something to add a personal touch when they take you up on it. Now that basket of oranges are not so creepy and the Jason Mraz CD would be a nice touch.  You just might want to hold off on the birthday card to their mom signed “Carol’s friends.”    

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  Is it creepy for brands to connect and engage with individuals on social media sites?  Share how your business is doing this or could be using this.  Inquiring minds want to know …. I’m jotting down everything you say!

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