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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas …. no not in the stores (although I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see decorations up already!), but on your Facebook account.   You know the holidays are right around the corner when you start getting all that extra mail stuffed into your box…catalogs and promotional information, you didn't sign up for and then extra information coming from the stores and businesses you do business with already.

When Facebook rolled out more changes last week, one of the results was an overly-stuffed, and annoying NOTIFICATIONS feature.  When you added some of your friends to the new CLOSE FRIENDS LIST, it automatically started sending you their posts in your notifications, just in case you might miss the fact that Sue and her hubby ate at Outback Steakhouse last night!

So here is a quick run down on how to turn that feature off and allow your notifications to go back to the REALLY important things like Kevin tagging you in a very long note about his job search (ok, I really do have a heart in here. It is just squashed at the moment by the crowded notifications!):

  1. Go to your HOME link on your personal profile (the page you typically are sent to when first logging onto Facebook)
  2. Find your CLOSE FRIENDS LIST – it is in the left column under Favorites, apps and groups. You may even need to click on MORE to reveal CLOSE FRIENDS
  3. Click on the down arrow on the NOTIFICATIONS button in the upper right hand side of the screen (not on the individual person's post
  4. Click OFF
  5. While you are here, you can add or remove folks from this list by clicking the drop down on MANAGE LIST

Ahhh don't you feel better already?  Now if only it was as easy to stop all unwanted email…

If we can help you manage the daily social media activities for your business, or just answer another burning question, let me know!

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  • Dale

    Not really. I did that and FB keeps sending me these f’n notifications. Killed all ‘other updates from FB’ too. Still getting firends shares and updates as notifications.

    FB sucks now. They really ruined a good thing by constantly adding all these BS uber in your face features.

  • bayla

    This didn’t help at all. I have no “close friends” on FB. FB keeps sending me notifications on my cell phone every time one of my gaming friends posts to my account and I can’t find any way to stop this! Very annoying!!

    • GinaSchreck

      Hi Bayla

      When you are getting notifications from apps or games it is because you either answered something or liked something from a friends page. If you go into your ACCOUNT SETTINGS (found in upper right under the little gear). Then choose APPS in the left navigation column. If you click on SHOW ALL APPS you will see ALL of the apps that are either sending you notifications or are ABLE TO send you notifications AND share some of your content with others. Go through and clean house. Using the small X on the right of each app, delete any that you are not using or don’t ever remember using.

      This will stop the notifications you are receiving. You can also click on NOTIFICATIONS in that left navigation bar and spend some time making sure you are only getting the info you NEED or WANT!

      I hope this is helpful :))


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